Things You Probably Must Let Go To Reach Your Fullest Business Potential

Must Let Go To Reach Your Fullest Business

When you just start off with your entrepreneurship journey, you will realize that you have to limit your beliefs and expectations. As you progress, you will learn that there are probably some habits or ideas you need to let go just so you can reach your fullest potential-self. It is essential to acknowledge what you should let go in order to advance in your careers. And here are examples of things you probably must set free as your business progress:

Creature comforts

comforts are many things. It can be hours of sleep, doing your hobbies, scrolling social medias, and more. As your business progress, you will realize that some of your creature comforts are not giving you any benefits to advance your career. You will find something more productive to fill the space after leaving some of your creature comforts. It is beneficial for you to shed some of your creature comforts and focus more on self-care practices. 

Financial security

As your career progress, you realize that you need something that can make a real impact. You have the urge to gain unique experience. Hence, you will start to think of sacrificing your security, especially the financial security. You need to make some sacrifices out of your financial security in order to gain more financial stability with your business in the future. At least, you sacrifice it to find opportunities for a secondary placement. 


Time is something you like it or not will sacrifice once you grow your business. Many entrepreneurs though that they will have more ‘me’ time once they are success. However, it is mostly myth because the more success you are, the busier you tend to be. If you want to keep your time spent evenly between work and other areas of your life, you need to find balance. Also, keep in mind that success is not defined by your career achievements alone. Finding balance between work and life is also a form of success not many people get to achieve. 


It is also something you must set free in order to advance in your career. Sometimes, in particular situations, you need to give up control. Sometimes, there are some unforeseen circumstances that are out of your control. It is okay to not get the outcome you initially hoped for. You can use it as a way to improve yourself for the future. You can sacrifice your control but that doesn’t you sacrifice your vision, ethics, or morals. 

Belief of waiting instead of doing

The kind of belief that you should wait is something you must set free if you want to move forward with your business’s growth. Waiting for something to happen doesn’t work in business. If you keep waiting for ‘the right time’, big change won’t ever happen. Keep going is what you should do to build your business into another level. Make the situation better instead of waiting for some miracle to happen. 

Leasing Your Property in Bali: Five Important Things To Learn

Leasing any property in Bali could generate a profitable venture if done correctly, ensuring that both you and the landlord gain from the transaction. It’s a good idea to keep a few pointers in mind while leasing commercial property. As a landlord, it’s critical to get a lease that not only maximizes returns but also ensures the investment’s security. Here are five essential things you need to establish before putting your property into leasing market.

Establish the Length of the Contract of Your Leasing Property in Bali

Get Selective with the Tenant 

The first factor is the tenant’s quality. If you want your leased property to last long, you need to be selective when it comes to prospective tenant. It is really important investigate references of the tenant to guarantee that you choose a suitable one who will pay the rent on time and look after your property.

The tenant should have written as well as verbal references, and a verification of the renter’s rental history against tenancy databases will confirm that their renting history is clean. A guarantor, such as family member, adds to the security of the lease if the prospective tenants are young or have no rental history. Corporate leasing from well-known corporations are also an excellent option.

Establish the Length of the Contract of Your Leasing Property in Bali

Leasing Your Property in Bali- Five Important Things To Learn

The length of the lease is the second factor to consider. Six-month leases were common twenty years ago. Ten years ago, twelve-month leases were the norm, but nowadays, tenants are increasingly opting for two-year or longer leases. Ask your main priorities before leasing your property in Bali. 

Longer-term tenants result in a more reliable lease, as much of the wear and tear on a property occurs during the moving in and out process. You’ll also save the costs of a new tenancy’s transition, such as the letting fee, advertising costs, lease preparation expenses, and any rent loss that may occur between the old tenant’s end date and the new one’s start date.

Think About the Amount of the Rent

The amount of rent is the last, but arguably most significant, consideration. While every landlord wants to obtain the highest possible rent, it’s crucial to recognize that establishing the highest rent isn’t always the greatest strategy. Ideally, you want to attract as many candidates as possible so that you may choose the finest tenant with a long lease period. Even if you advertise the home for $10 less than the maximum, it could mean the difference between a few applicants and a considerably broader pool of tenants.

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Reviewing the Leasing Contract with A Lawyer

This is a legally enforceable contract. Legal documents should always be evaluated by a lawyer. When it comes to a contract of leasing property in Bali, it’s best to have it reviewed by a lawyer who specializes in real estate law and has a lot of experience with lease reviews.

Comparing the Market Rates of Leasing Property in Bali

Examine all nearby comparable homes and properties to see what they’re charging per square foot of usable area. This will aid you in negotiating your space’s pricing and will give you an indication of how much wiggle room you have when it comes to negotiating.

Increasing Your Brand Awareness Through Unconventional Method

Increasing Your Brand Awareness Through Unconventional Method

Brand awareness is necessary when it comes to business and one of the most important factors in marketing. It is important that your brand is being recognized by people. It increases the chance of your business to skyrocket. In this digital era, it seems easy to raise brand awareness because there are so many platforms you can use online. You audience is not limited into one place as well. You can get wide customer base if you succeed in your marketing. 

How to increase brand awareness using unconventional methods

One of the ways businesses use to raise brand awareness is by promoting through ads and so on. However, sometimes it is not enough. There are also many other ways you can use to raise your brand awareness but there is no guarantee they will work well for your business. In entrepreneurship, you don’t have to stick to conventional methods. You can try various methods you think will work well for your business instead. Here are some of the ways to find unconventional method to raise brand awareness.

Bring forward your own ideas

Challenge the existing conventional idea with your own ideas. If you find there is conventional point of view that you know is wrong than you can challenge the idea. However, make sure that you are challenging people and their looks, personality or stuff. You can challenge conventional ideas without being rude. It is important you put your own point of view as against to the unconventional one that already exist. Your unconventional idea might get different response and not everyone might agree with it. 

The attention key

How to increase brand awareness using unconventional methods

Challenging conventional point of view has that ‘attention’ key. You offer different point of view which makes sense for everyone to start getting curious of what it is. Your ideas may also draw attention from other innovators creating massive buzz which can boost your brand as well. 

No more CTA

No more CTA

Most businesses often try to convert customers. They often suggest to put ‘a call to action’ element in the email. However, you can try the opposite of it. Do not try to convert your customers. Many businesses often go overboard with trying to convert customers. However, the effect can be the opposite of what expected. Instead of being drawn, customers may feel suffocated or pressured. You can try being less. Choose simple approach to engage your customers. Focus on what your brand is good at and make it the best point to show your customers.

Build secret society to build the hype

You can also try building a secret society to build the hype of your brand awareness. Get someone right to endorse your brand. Mega influencers might not be accessible for your brand but you can approach another person who have powerful influence. You can first connect with micro-influencers on social media and through your own network. It may needs take time before your brand is blowing up but it is worth a try. Choose the right influencers who have their ideas aligned with your businesses value. So they can spread the value with their own followers. 

Starting A Profitable Bali Property Rental Business

Starting A Profitable Bali Property Rental Business

Thinking about starting a property business in Bali? Owning a villa in this tropical island is promising as you can turn it into a profitable asset. Here are some essential tips you should know to make sure your property is thriving amidst the tight competition. 

Pick Bali Property in Profitable Locations

Before you buy anything, decide where you want to have your villa rental. Whether you buy a flipped home or build the property from scratch, location will be the most important factor to consider in the first place. There are basically two types of vacation area in Bali where tourists come to stay; the beach area and the highland. Seminyak, Canggu, Oberoi, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran are the most popular area among tourists who come to enjoy the beaches. Meanwhile, Ubud offers peaceful escapade from busy beaches and is famous for its lush green forests and rice fields view which appeals for guests seeking for solitude. Choose the location of your property right.

Decoration is the Wow Factor

Decoration is the Wow Factor

A beautiful space make a lasting first-impression on buyer and renter which adds strong point to their decision. Make a clear concept of your villa and decorate with fine materials. Take inspirations from interior designs magazine and home revamp. Take cue on what’s the trend on holiday home designs and infuse it with your own unique taste. Imagine your Bali property as the dream house of many holiday-makers.

Efficiency is the Key on Designing the Bali Property

You want to make your holiday home rental in Bali as cozy and durable as possible. Investing in expensive yet strongly built furnitures could be cost-effective in the long run as it save you from replacing broken furnitures in the future. 

Prepare Amenities to Your Guests

Prepare Amenities to Your Guests

Make sure to complement your Bali property with amenities to attract guests and renters. Consider to install WiFi, washer, and drier in the house. Make your property stand out in competition by having a posh hot tub or pet-friendly facilities. Renters love to get the most on their holiday home, especially if they are staying for long term. The more amenities you offer, the more likely that your property get chosen by renters and returned guests. This means the more revenue filling up your pocket. 

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Write A Compelling Copy 

While other property is only listing their bedrooms and facilities, engage to your potential renters with inviting description of your space. Tell a story about the surroundings. Invest in professional photographer to capture the best of your property. 

Put it Online

Listing your Bali property to offline agents should always be in your to-do list, but let’s not forget to put it online, too. Place your listing on multiple platforms like Kibarer, Airbnb, or other trusted listing you know. Today’s vacationers love to start scanning of their holiday home rental even months before the vacation. The more you list, the bigger exposure you can get. 

Organizing Virtual Events During Remote Environment

Organizing Virtual Events During Remote Environment

Working with your team members, you might have been used to organizing some events for various purpose. However, it is physical events we talk about. During this physical distancing time, physical events are not possible but virtual ones can do. It may seems easier to set up virtual events because you don’t think you will need many things to organize such as booking a place, preparing needed documents, foods, etc. However, it may not as simple as you thought it would be either.

How to organize virtual events successfully during remote work

There are many things that can go wrong when setting up a virtual event in this physically distanced world. So here are things you need to pay attention to to organize successful virtual events during this remote environment:

Always be prepare by making a plan and agenda from the beginning. A solid plan and agenda is like the basic guide for you to run through everything for the event. Keep in mind that just because you don’t have to run here and there, there are many things you need to prepare. There is even saying that you need to prepare to fail if you fail to prepare. Make a list of things you need to make sure the event run smooth. For virtual event, you need established connection instead of soft chairs.

Organizing Virtual Events During Remote Environment

There is no need for you to recreate in-person experience for a virtual event. It is understandable that you have such wish. However, there is no real benefit gained from that. What you need is the same outcome people would receive in person, not the experience. Always focus first on what real human need when dispersed. 

Instead focusing on generating demands, it is best to focus more on the value specifically. It will draw a lot of people in because when you give the value, you get the value. Also, networking capabilities should be facilitated well. During a virtual event you organize for your team members for example, make sure that you invite and introduce professionals who can share their expertise, knowledge or even experience with your team members. Make sure to let your team members professional you are going to invite for the event to draw more their interest. 

Make sure that you schedule breaks for the virtual event. Just because it is done virtually doesn’t mean the participants don’t have a need to go to the bathroom to refresh themselves. You can also plan a breakout period for people to engage through more fun, interesting activities. Playing simple games for example, can put the participants to relax and stretch a little bit before continue with the workshop or webinar.

Find the right platform to facilitate the virtual event you are setting up. If you are going to use particular software for the event, make sure to test it out first. You can even go live dress rehearsal with your internal team beforehand. Then, make sure that the content and conversation is engaging, insightful, and entertaining. 

Papua Trip, Read This Before Visiting Papua

Papua Trip, Read This Before Visiting Papua

West Papua becomes so popular among travelers from all over the world because of the stunning beaches yet gorgeous natural landscape. This exotic place is filled with many natural wonders that are ready to excite anyone willing to pay a visit to this fabulous island. Like much of the island, it’s blessed with friendly locals, unique culture, delicious food, and something for every budget.  West Papua is very famous for its great scuba diving. Whether you are looking for an exciting adventure or romantic retreat, all find that Papua Trip has all they need for a great time. If you’re looking for an unforgettable holiday, read on for a handful of fun ideas to get you started!

3 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Papua Trip

  • Research. Just like any other holiday destination in the world, Papua can be quite challenging to navigate if you land without any idea of what to do and where to go. However, you can avoid a terrible trip by brushing up on everything and anything you need to know about the area.
  • Invest in a resort well worth staying in. One of the easiest ways to spoil your Papua trip is by booking the wrong resorts. Great accommodation plays a pretty significant role in your overall trip. So, make sure to book a great place to stay!
  • Pack light. Packing light means more freedom on your trip. First, you need to make a packing checklist of things you need and things you want to bring. Then cut that item’s list of wants in half. However, if you’re not absolutely sure you’ll need something, don’t pack it.
Papua Trip, Read This Before Visiting Papua

What are the best things to do in Papua?

  • Liveaboard trips. Most liveaboard trips in West Papua will take you to the best spots such as Wayag Island, Raja Ampat, Triton Bay, and many more. You will be able to go swimming, meet the locals, watch exotic birds around on stunning beaches, and lay back on unforgettable spots there.
  • Diving experience. A liveaboard trip to an amazing island might not be satisfying enough, then take the amazing adventure to the next level. How about diving in remote and stunning dive sites? West Papua is home to some of the best diving in Indonesia. Diving is a must thing to do on your Papua Trip. You will be amazed by what Papua’s underwater has to offer there. Here, you will see various colorful coral and so many fish. For instance, manta rays,  sharks, turtles, and much more.
  • Trekking adventure Baliem valley. Take in the beauty of Papua in trek adventurers through Baliem Valley. Baliem valley is located in the highlands of West Papua. In this unique valley, you will cross the border of the Yali and Dani tribes. Besides trekking, you will be able to see the mummies and watch the local culture. You may be fascinated by their way of life.

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Reflect On Your Business And How To Improve In the Years To Come

Reflect On Your Business And How To Improve In the Years To Come

Many entrepreneurs and business owners alike are celebrating the new year and looking back at 2020 through their rear view mirror with a big relief sigh. The global pandemic is predicted to end soon following the massive manufacturing of the vaccine all over the world. Many are hoping to return to the normal soon but it is not the right time for us to be so complacent about the future. It is still full of uncertainty and unpredictable. It is time for you to reflect on your business and think about what you can do to improve in the years to come.

Reflecting on your business and refreshing your ideas 

Even without the situation with the global pandemic, it is still important to reflect and refresh your business ideas each year. Keep in mind that business industry is not stagnant. It keeps moving and changing. Market trends change, customer’s needs change, and the demographics also change. 

Reflect On Your Business And How To Improve In the Years To Come

To reflect on your business and refresh your ideas, you need to solicit feedback from your key customers, hear new ideas from your team members, and look at the overall shift in the industry. Those three elements are essentials for you to have insightful reflection. Hence, you will stay current and advance in your business. 

It is also suggested that you keep your focus tight. Specifying your business focus on more targeted point is better rather than letting it wandering around aimlessly. See what you have achieved so far and if it already filled all your goals to grow your business. If you think this year is the right time to scale that growth of your business then put the focus on that. Growing and scaling your business is not impossible but you need to do it properly with the right resources, data-driven decision-making, and clear objectives. 

When reflecting on your business and attempt to refresh your ideas, it is better to not do it under pressure. It is best to take your time doing it so you get the best outcome. Keep track of the problems your business experience last year and how you solved them. Open your journal and see what you wrote there. When you have many ideas on mind, write them down on your journal so you can revisit them later. Not all ideas are applicable now but maybe they will be in the future. 

To refresh ideas, it is important to surround yourself with driven-people. When you see the people around you looking so driven and motivated to keep moving forward, it will be contagious. You will feel the same urge to do your best. And it is such a good influence you have by having positive community to be in. 

In order for your business to improve in the years to come, leverage tools to overcome new obstacles. Empowering your team with the right tools can help a lot in boosting their productivity. However, make sure that tools are supplemental because your team is still the fundamental aspect of your company. 

The Complete Guide to Cendrawasih Bay

The Complete Guide to Cendrawasih Bay

Located on the east side of Indonesia’s West Papua, Cendrawasih Bay is the next frontier in remote diving in Indonesia. Cendrawasih National Park is one the largest national parks in Southeast Asia with 1.5 million hectares. Here, you will discover a variety of diving spots with calm and clear water. Start from some notable Japanese WWII wrecks, encounters with whale sharks and marine mammals to excellent macro. In excess of 150 species of fish and 100 species of healthy coral have been documented in Cendrawasih. Although there is plenty to see in this Bay, the highlight of any holiday to Cenderawasih is the whale shark experience. Here’s how to plan the perfect holiday in Cendrawasih.

How to get there?

Cendrawasih’s remote location and relatively new status as a tourist destination make getting there a fairly complicated process. The best way to reach Cendrawasih Bay from Sorong is to take a flight to Nabire and Manokwari or flying direct to Biak Island. From there, you need to join a liveaboard trip. Because the best way to explore Cendrawasih is on a sailing holiday.

When to go?

Arguably, the perfect time to experience this Bay is around May to October. Generally, heavy rainfalls may occur from July to August and November to December. Moreover, these months are known for unstable weather accompanied by currents and strong winds.

Diving in Cendrawasih Bay 

Cendrawasih has become increasingly famous as a dive destination over the last couple of the year. For underwater lovers, this bay is uncrowded dive sites and undisturbed access to kilometers of dense mangroves. It is perfect for spotting interesting marina biodiversities like mating mandarin fish, sea snakes, and even dugong. But swimming with whale sharks is by the far the biggest attraction. The best spots for diving with whale sharks in this bay are in Kwatisore Bay. Here, the locals have formed a unique relationship with these huge creatures. The local fishermen usually feed whale sharks to protect their catch. That’s why the whole bay is flocked with these huge and gentle animals. Other famous sites to dive with whale sharks in Cendrawasih alongside vivid coral reefs and manta rays are Purup Island, Ripon Island, and Wairundi Island.

Cendrawasih Bay is a liveaboard destination

This remote bay is a liveaboard destination. Therefore, the only way to explore this area is by boat. The liveaboard will get you to all the most popular destinations. With a liveaboard trip, you’ll be diving in the best dive sites the whole area has to offer. Besides diving, there is not much to do except relax in the Bay area. However, nature watching and hiking are possible. There are also some cultural trips available to visit the local tribe.

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Attracting Best Talents To Join Your Company

Attracting Best Talents To Join Your Company

2021 is seen as hope year with how vaccine is being delivered around the world. Many people in business industry has started planning to return to the normal. Many companies are now starting to consider adding new recruits. If you are also considering to hire new talents, you need to know ho to attract the best ones especially during this time of uncertainty.

Finding the best talents for your company

During the times of uncertainty, hiring new recruits can be challenging because you also need to think of the budget. However, you don’t want to hire carelessly just because you want to stick with the budget. You can still attract the best talents even without straying from your budget in 2021 and here are some tips you may consider:

Choose good people. It may sound too general because many people also think that the word good is relative. Also, we spend less time interacting with co-workers right now. However, that should not encourage you from working with good people. The ‘good’ here refers to two context which are talent and kindness. You have to recruit people who are good in what they can do and good in their personality. 

Working with people with good skills offer you more chances of success. Your business has more opportunity to adapt and pivot through the crisis. Hence, talented co-workers are valuable. Also, you want to work with good people in a sense of their personality. Choose people who has great sense of empathy. People with high emotional intelligence is also just as essentials. You can work better with co-workers who value camaraderie and companionship. New talents will be interested to work with a company that has good camaraderie, companionship, and good teamwork. 

Attracting Best Talents To Join Your Company

To attract best talents, you need to offer autonomy and ownership. We all have seen how easy it is to lose control due to something unexpected like global pandemic. Hence, any bit of control your employees have over their working life is valuable for them. For example, you can offer more flexibility to working schedule. Giving them ownership over their work allows them to make a room to thrive. It allows more power to them to flourish with their career. With more sense of control from autonomy and ownership, comes more engagement for your employees to lead initiatives that also help the company to thrive. 

Offer fair compensation for your employees. Many new talents are now looking for a company that pay their employees fairly. During this uncertain time, money has become the real life line. Investing in your people is a wise thing to do in 2021. By paying your employees fairly, you will gain trust and loyalty from them. When they are satisfied and happy, they are also motivated to work harder and better. It means, your business productivity has higher chances to increase. Do not see fair compensation as a loss for your business. Treat is as a wise investment your business needs for long-term success. 

Sailing Adventure with Mantra Liveaboard to Raja Ampat

Mantra Liveaboard

Unspoiled nature, stunning hidden beaches, various diving spots, unique history, and tradition. These are the reasons why The Raja Ampat has always attracted travelers from all over the world. A liveaboard holiday to Raja Ampat is perfect for anyone who wants to dive into blue crystal waters, explore hidden coves, and discover the unique culture. Mantra liveaboard is a fantastic solution that not only provides you with a resort complete with all the comforts but also allows you to reach the most amazing and remote islands in the world. Here are the reasons why you should rent Mantra for your holiday to Raja Ampat!

Raja Ampat, a paradise for every sailor!

Raja Ampat is located at the heart of the world’s Coral Triangle. Every corner of the island is worth discovering, with promises of rich marine biodiversity, wildlife, and glorious view. The island has a tropical climate and mild temperature all year round.  To make the best of your time to explore Raja Ampat, there is no better way to discover the amazing island than on a liveaboard holiday. With Mantra liveaboard, you can see the magical view above and below the water. The view is not only spectacular but it also leaves that special feeling of being in close contact with untouched beautiful nature on the island. The surrounding stunning landscape is made up of rainforests that provide a perfect contrast with the crystal water and white sandy beaches. It is truly fantastic and worth seeing for yourself!

Mantra liveaboard for an unforgettable holiday!

Imagine waking up every morning in this liveaboard and having the chance to spend the day exploring the stunning beaches in Raja Ampat and all the hidden bays that would be otherwise unreachable by land. This liveaboard is the most popular type of boat among vacationers who choose this tripe of holiday. Mantra is suitable for up to 8 people. This amazing liveaboard built with clean lines and modern amenities. The boat features three spacious cabins. There is one master cabin with a private terrasse. Two double bed cabins and one triple bed cabin. Each cabin features air-conditioning, an ensuite bathroom, and hot water. Besides the comfortable cabins, the dining area, indoor lounge, library area, and relaxation deck are the ideal gathering space to relax and take in the beautiful sights and sounds of the journey.

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The ideal balance between sociability and privacy on Mantra liveaboard

Mantra is the perfect choice for a boat holiday with families or large groups of friends. So you will have time to socialize. It is a great bonding experience for the family due to the fact that when you take a liveaboard holiday together. When you step on the boat, you will realize that the lovely cabins are wide apart from one another. For instance, this is a plus experience for a couple of retreats. So you will be able to gather together and enjoy some quality time.