Is Pool Worth the Investment for Your Villa Rental in Bali?

Is Pool Worth the Investment for Your Villa Rental in Bali?

Installing a pool is something that every homeowner who wants to increase the value of their luxury villa rental in Bali. Especially because every villa in this island virtually have its own private pool. A swimming pool provides a secluded place to relax and is frequently thought to significantly boost a rental’s value. A pool will almost always add value to your home, both in terms of raising its value and in terms of improving your personal value. Your guests would most likely appreciate it, however, the logistics can be challenging. Is a pool a suitable long-term investment for your rental property, or will the maintenance costs become a liability? Should you add a private pool to your villa rental Bali just because everyone else is doing it too?

Keeping Up with Your Competitor

Every holiday spot is a little different from the next. Rentals with pools abound in places like Bali, so it make sense if you want to catch up to your competitors. Booking a vacation home with this feature makes sense for most visitors who are there to swim, tan, or have a drink by the beach. If you want to stay competitive in a luxury villa rental market in Bali, you should consider a pool-equipped house.

Finding a rental with a pool in other places, on the other hand, can be challenging. This amenity will set your property apart if you’re lucky enough to get one. Additionally, guests will be willing to pay a small fee per night for this premium service.

Adding the Desirability to Your Luxury Villa Rental in Bali

Adding the Desirability to Your Luxury Villa Rental in Bali

Travelers come to Bali to relax and have an ultimate tropical getaway. And what is a tropical vacation without days lounging in the pool? Having a pool or spa in your vacation rental Bali is a luxurious addition. The majority of people associate having a pool or spa on their property with summer events, BBQs, and relaxing in the water. It might be a gorgeous rooftop pool or a vast pool in the ground.

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A Pool Need Regular Maintenance Regardless of Use

If you’ve ever owned a luxurious villa rental in Bali with a pool, you’ll understand how important it is to keep it in good shape. Every time a guest leaves, you or a cleaning service you employ will need to remove any debris from the pool. For this service, a cleaning service may charge an additional price. Depending on the type of pool, long-term maintenance will seem different. A chemical pool, for example, necessitates continuous monitoring to ensure that acidity levels are maintained while still providing crystal clear blue water.

Even if your pool is too cold for guests to enjoy, you’ll have to pay for its care. If you own a vacation rental in the Kintamani highlands or Mount Batur Bali, for example, guests will most certainly be unable to swim due to the cold weather. That means the pool will cost you money for the most of the year while adding no value to your property.

Think of the Design of Your Swimming Pool

Consider which pool style will suit your needs the best. Examine how the pool’s design will effect the types of guests you’ll have a second time. A large shallow step, for example, would be useful if you host families with kids. You might also want to install a kid pool if your target market largely include travelling families. If you’re catering to business travelers, a lengthy pool would be a nice idea to allow for a few laps in the morning before heading to work. Within your means, try to cater to as many different types of guests as possible.

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Liability in Times of Accidents

Hopefully, dozens of people will be able to enjoy your pool without any problems. However, as a vacation rental owner, you must be prepared for the worst. If a guest is injured while using your pool, you could be held personally liable. To place yourself in the best possible situation, you might speak with legal specialists and insurance providers.