Starting A Profitable Bali Property Rental Business

Starting A Profitable Bali Property Rental Business

Thinking about starting a property business in Bali? Owning a villa in this tropical island is promising as you can turn it into a profitable asset. Here are some essential tips you should know to make sure your property is thriving amidst the tight competition. 

Pick Bali Property in Profitable Locations

Before you buy anything, decide where you want to have your villa rental. Whether you buy a flipped home or build the property from scratch, location will be the most important factor to consider in the first place. There are basically two types of vacation area in Bali where tourists come to stay; the beach area and the highland. Seminyak, Canggu, Oberoi, Nusa Dua, and Jimbaran are the most popular area among tourists who come to enjoy the beaches. Meanwhile, Ubud offers peaceful escapade from busy beaches and is famous for its lush green forests and rice fields view which appeals for guests seeking for solitude. Choose the location of your property right.

Decoration is the Wow Factor

Decoration is the Wow Factor

A beautiful space make a lasting first-impression on buyer and renter which adds strong point to their decision. Make a clear concept of your villa and decorate with fine materials. Take inspirations from interior designs magazine and home revamp. Take cue on what’s the trend on holiday home designs and infuse it with your own unique taste. Imagine your Bali property as the dream house of many holiday-makers.

Efficiency is the Key on Designing the Bali Property

You want to make your holiday home rental in Bali as cozy and durable as possible. Investing in expensive yet strongly built furnitures could be cost-effective in the long run as it save you from replacing broken furnitures in the future. 

Prepare Amenities to Your Guests

Prepare Amenities to Your Guests

Make sure to complement your Bali property with amenities to attract guests and renters. Consider to install WiFi, washer, and drier in the house. Make your property stand out in competition by having a posh hot tub or pet-friendly facilities. Renters love to get the most on their holiday home, especially if they are staying for long term. The more amenities you offer, the more likely that your property get chosen by renters and returned guests. This means the more revenue filling up your pocket. 

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Write A Compelling Copy 

While other property is only listing their bedrooms and facilities, engage to your potential renters with inviting description of your space. Tell a story about the surroundings. Invest in professional photographer to capture the best of your property. 

Put it Online

Listing your Bali property to offline agents should always be in your to-do list, but let’s not forget to put it online, too. Place your listing on multiple platforms like Kibarer, Airbnb, or other trusted listing you know. Today’s vacationers love to start scanning of their holiday home rental even months before the vacation. The more you list, the bigger exposure you can get.