Improving Your Startup Finance The Right Way

Starting a business is not something you can do carelessly without any preparation especially in the matter of finance. A business can cost ten of thousands of dollars to start even if it is a small one. Launching a business is a serious matter because it involves big money that you are going to use to purchase many essentials. 

Improving Your Startup Finance The Right Way

Strategies to use to improve your startup finance

Covering the expenses requires you to get the best funding. You need to find a way to get the fund such as by contacting an angel investor, working with VC, or even crowdfunding. Aside from those strategies, you may also need other tactics to reduce more of your expenses your business will likely to face, such as the following:

Consider buying used equipment

If it is possible, you may consider buying used equipment instead of the new ones to fill your needs. For example when buying electronics. You can look for sizeable market for old devices or last year’s models for a much lower price. You may also consider buying vehicle or machinery from another business to score much better deal. However, always evaluate the quality before deciding to purchase them.

Consider leasing instead of buying

There are many benefits you can get from choosing to leasing instead of buying equipment. The biggest benefit is that you can save money in the short-term. You may be interested to loan instead. However, remember that it usually comes with high interest rates. Hence, leasing is considered safer alternative if you need such heavy, expensive equipment. It will help lower your total upfront cost significantly. 

Hire with consideration

Building a team full of talented, highly-motivated people is a dream of every business owner. However, it is recommended to hire only who you need when you just starting your business. Keep in mind that labor can be expensive and if you go all out from the beginning, your budget might be running out only to that alone while you still need to pay for other necessities. Hence, stabilize your company’s finance by hiring people you will need only. 

Consider partnerships

You are not the only small business owner who is struggling with your finance. Hence, why not considering a partnership with other small business owners in your are to cover each other’s needs. You can support each other in the form of trading or bartering based on what each other needs. Hence, it will result in mutual benefits for both parties. 

Consider investing in insurance

Many small business owners skip this area because they don’t think insurance is valuable or important investment for them to consider. Meanwhile, insurance can provide financial protection in a number of areas in your business. Even though it can be a little expensive and you cannot just cut the expense on your own will, insurance is still one of the most important expenses in your business. Make sure to choose the right insurance that fits your business’s value and vision.

Tips For Entrepreneurs To Enhance Reading Experience

Reading is one of the best ways for you to gain new information that will be valuable for you if not for today then maybe for the next few years. Through reading, you also gain new perspectives, open up your mind, and train your brain to stay curious and creative. It might be a little bit more challenging for entrepreneurs to have keep reading habit due to many works and responsibilities. However, there will always a way for you to pick up a book even during your tight schedule. 

Tips For Entrepreneurs To Enhance Reading Experience

Tips to develop reading habits for entrepreneurs

There is no rule that limits type of books entrepreneurs can read. Even if you read books unrelated to your expertise then it is totally fine. It will always be beneficial to get new knowledge and information. Reading can help broaden your mind and so it is very beneficial for your entrepreneurial life and personal life in general. And here are some tips to develop your reading habits:

Diversify your library

As mentioned earlier that there is no rule of what kind of book entrepreneurs should or should not read. The more diverse the books you read, the better. Hence, try reading books from various perspectives, genres, and sources. However, balance it with reading books on leaderships and industry related topics with material from other places that is unrelated to your typical reading or company materials. Reading more diverse books aside from the ones that pertain your own line of work and life is the best practice to adopt because it will add more value and insight. 

Try reading in different formats

For those avid readers, reading physical books is much more satisfying. However, it is not the only way that you can read. You may also consider reading in different formats such as audiobooks. The benefit is that, you can still read while doing other meaningful activities. For example, you can listen to audiobook while having your morning jogging or while preparing your own meals. On the other hand, if you are more like e-reader, you may consider taking the hard copy and try reading it that way. Hence, you no longer have to spend hours staring at your screen. There are many different reading forms you can try from time to time. It can also make it reading experience less boring. 

How to integrate reading into your life?

Many people often say they don’t read because they don’t have time. However, it is such a poor excuse because if you have time to scroll social media for hours, then you will have time to read a book. Also, do not feel burdened to finish reading a book in short time. There is no obligation of when you have to finish a book. The most important thing is how to get started it and make it into a regular habit of yours. You can read and use it as therapy for relaxation before bed. Other ways include listening to audiobook while commuting to work, or packing a book to read during a flight. 

Keeping Your Business Safe During Turbulence Times

Through the pandemic, we all learn that nothing is immortal including business. It is something that can fall easily with some turbulence. Many businesses around the world were forced to shut down during lockdowns. Many were not prepared to face the situation, forcing them to give up. Hence, it is vital to always remember that disaster can hit in any time. What you need to do as entrepreneurs is not to blame the disaster but prepare your small business better to face it because disaster is often unexpected. Even if you can predict it, it might be too late to do something. 

Keeping Your Business Safe During Turbulence Times

Keep your business resilient during disastrous times

Companies that are standing until now are those who show resilient through their innovations and flexibility. It is not easy especially for small business that have small pools of resources to fall back into. But still, there are ways you can do to keep your business stay afloat even during disastrous times, and here are the tips for you:

Understand each risk of critical components of your business

Keep in mind that there is not only one risk you should cautious of when it comes to business because you need to see it from whole point of view. It means you need to calculate the risk across your company’s intangible capital because your company consists of human, structural, as well a social and customer capital. When you understand these risks, you can mitigate them over time and keep your company safe during disastrous times. Not only that, your business will also gain more value since the risks are mitigated. 

Increase your brand visibility

It is essential for your business to increase brand’s visibility especially during hard times to maintain and share your market share. Instead of solely cutting your business’s spending or going into survival mode, it is more recommended that you communicate more with your client base. Allow the to know that they are still your priority, and focus more on elevating your customer service to create more raving fans. 

Trust your employees

To safeguard your business, you can start it by trusting your employees to work hard from wherever they choose. For example, giving them choice to use the office whenever they want while mostly working from their home. Providing flexibility will help a lot in protecting your business from losing valuable resources especially because you never know what will hit your business. 

Be more innovative

It is a must for every business leaders to run the system with innovative thinking. Innovation leads you to more flexibility in finding new ways to pivot. Even if the curveballs hit, you know what to do to keep engaging with existing and new customers. The key is to deliver best user experience for every customer you have. By always delivering the best, you build trust with customers. You establish positive relationship that may last long even during tumultuous times. Keep in mind that good relationship and partnerships are vital to success more importantly during the hard times.

6 Strategies to Get Positive Reviews for Private Bali Villas

Get Positive Reviews for Private Bali Villas Business

Reviews, or as we call it in marketing industry, the social proof. It’s what customers impression of you and they leave it in places where everyone else can see it. It can be in Google places, a listing where they get your service, a dedicated review website, or in their own social media platform. When you have private villas in Bali a guest’s positive reviews serves as an organic marketing tool-the “social proof” as a reason why future guest should book the accommodation for their upcoming holiday.  

Why Positive Reviews is Important for Your Villa Business

For one simple reason, many hospitality businesses fall short of their competitors: they don’t have any or enough ratings. According to research, more than three-quarters of travelers read hotel and alternative lodging reviews before making a reservation. As a result, it’s critical that you have a collection of genuine guest testimonials on your website so that future customers can learn from others’ experiences. There’s no denying that credible reviews are an important part of the vacation rental booking process, as they assure potential guests, validate their choices, and help convert web-surfers into bookers. Customers value the opinions of others since we are all critics in our own right.

Take Focus on Customer Experiences at Your Private Bali Villas

Six Strategies to Get Positive Reviews for Private Bali Villa Business

When it comes to vacation rentals, you need to be aware of your guests’ experiences so that you can provide them with the vacation they deserve. Adding simple touches like water toys for the kids or chocolates on the pillow for a couple’s weekend adds a lot to your relationship with your guests. It makes people feel at ease, and it enhances the likelihood of a positive review.

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Keep the House in Prime Condition

If you want guests to be happy in your vacation rental, you need to make sure that the living space is all neat and tidy. If you don’t clean your house thoroughly before each visitor, you’ll fall short of their expectations. So do your homework before and after your visit to guarantee that your vacation property is spotless. Double-check lightbulbs, appliances, heat, and faucets on a regular basis. The last thing you want is a guest calling you or your guest contact midway through their stay to report a faulty dishwasher.

Satisfy Guests’ Needs in During Their Stay at Private Bali Villas

Satisfy Guests’ Needs in During Their Stay at Private Bali Villas

Guests love it when they settle in an easy vacation rental. That means they don’t have to bring all the toiletries and spices from their own home and they’ll be doing just fine in the villa. To begin, treat your private Bali villas like a five-star hotel would; make a living space with well-stocked amenities. Make sure you have enough coffee, tea, and spices in your kitchen cabinets. Every bathroom should have toilet paper, soap, shower goods, and extra towels. In each bedroom, keep fresh linens, plenty of cushions, and warm throws on hand. Next, evaluate your home’s amenities and make any necessary upgrades. Appliances such as coffee makers, hair dryers, and microwaves are must-haves.

Make It Easy to Review Your Property

The modern traveler is accustomed to having everything they require at hand. Make it simple for your guests to leave a review if you want to boost your chances of getting one. The easiest way is giving them link to review the private Bali villas in the travel platform you are in, such as, Traveloka, Tripadvisor, or other. You can also ask them directly to leave the review in your Google Place!

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Ask Your Guests for Reviews

Ask Your Guests for Reviews

Sometimes, the easiest way to get glowing review is to ask it. And the best time to get a heartfelt review is when the guest’s trip is still fresh in their mind. So, after the guest tells you that checkout is complete, why not ask for a review in that final communication?

Guests will usually agree and review your holiday rental in a matter of minutes. If you wish to boost your chances, end your plea by appealing to the guest’s compassion. Explain to the guests that reviews are valuable to you since they help you improve the property and attract future exceptional guests like them. If you wait until the guests return, the vacation will be a distant memory.

Share Your Customers’ Reviews in Your Social Media Page

Social media explores the human urge for affirmation in great depth, and you can use it for your benefit. You can accomplish a handful of vital things regarding your rental property by publishing evaluations on social media and your rental’s website. First, you tell potential clients that your rental is relevant and deserving of a review. Second, you let other past guests aware that they may be included on your property’s platforms even if they have not yet left a review. Because consumers enjoy receiving this kind of attention, it will enhance the likelihood that they will take action and post a review.

What You Need To Know More About Customer Experience

What You Need To Know More About Customer Experience

Customer experience is one of the most essential factors in growing business. There have been many books, podcast, interviews, training programs and methodologies to learn it with better understanding. Customer experience may sound simple but when it comes to practicing it, not all business founder can do it successfully. Understanding customers and provide them excellent experience it harder than it looks. One of the most obvious reasons is that because every customer is different individual.

Understand more about customer experience 

As entrepreneurs, you are requires to put your best and show your efforts through good intentions. However, understanding customer experience fully is challenging enough especially with how cluttered the space is today, leading to more confusion and conflict to customer initiatives. So here are more things you need to know about customer experience:

Understand more about customer experience 

Customer experience encompasses far more than your brand including your product, service, culture, customer service, process, and technology. It involves and include all those things and how you can make them work together seamlessly. Hence, it is not only about delivering good customer service because your customers experience more than that when interacting with your brand. 

Even an insignificant interaction between customer and you is such a huge deal in the matter of customer experience. It is everything about what they hear about your brand, every interaction they have with your organization, and how they feel about your brand and organization more specifically. No matter ho impressive your product and service is, one experience can leave everlasting impression in the eyes of customers. Hence, do not underestimate small, insignificant interaction when it comes to your customers because it may make or break your business. 

Customer experience can affect your reputation more than you know. The reason for it is that sometimes unhappy customer doesn’t come to you to complain but tell their families or friends about it. It is such a huge loss for you because then you lose potential customers and your reputation is on the line. The reasons why they prefer telling others than calling you may be varied. They may feel inconvenient to do it or feel like you are difficult to reach out. It is a must to bring your customer’s problem to your attention to avoid any potential loss. 

It is essential for your company to make use of the input you have from the data you gain from various sources such as surveys or polls. However, you need to conduct surveys and polls properly to get the most accurate data you can use as valuable input to improve customer experience. Sometimes, the problem is on the questions that don’t truly generate the targeted answers that can help your brand improve. 

The return of delivering excellent customer experience is much bigger than you have thought. Hence, it is important to put effort to provide it. One of the most obvious returns is the marketing benefit where happy customers keep singing your praises. Also, it is such valuable factor to help improve your business in general including underlying processes, services, and technologies.  

Eyeing Villa for Sale in Bali? Here’s What to Look For

Eyeing for Villa for Sale in Bali

Bali, the island of God offers endless holiday fun; from dreamy white-sand beaches to trendy boutiques and lively night club lining up the streets. Obviously, this destination shows a promising investment. One of them is villa and real estate business with lucrative cash flow one could gain from rental set up. However, before you rush to buy the first villa for sale in Bali you see, take notes on this tips and make a wise purchase decision.

Check Your Budget Before Hunting Villa for Sale in Bali

You’ll need to set a budget before you start looking for a vacation property. You may fantasize of a property with a pool and easy access to the beach, but it may be out of your price range—especially when unforeseen fees or expenditures, such as buying new furnishings, are factored in. To help you limit down your search, look at properties that are within your budget.

Know the Size of Villa that You Want

Know the Size of Villa that You Want

Before you go home searching, you should have a basic notion of what size house you want, including a minimum and/or maximum square footage, as well as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll want.

Your demands and personal tastes will determine the size of home you should purchase. If you plan to build a villa for large family or travelling groups, you’ll need to look at homes with more square footage, bedrooms, and bathrooms. If your home consists just of you or you and a partner, though, smaller villa may make more sense and be more economical.

Choose the Type of Vacation House You Want

It might be difficult to filter through all of the beach houses, mountain cottages, condominiums, and apartment units that are available. As a result, when shopping for villa for sale in Bali, it’s critical to concentrate on your lifestyle and interests. Don’t seek for luxury condominiums near the beach or in the city if you want a log home in the woods.

Think About Location of the Villa for Sale Bali

Not just in terms of real estate market value, but also in terms of identifying which facilities are essential to you, finding a decent location for your vacation home should be a top priority. Do you want to be able to walk to the beach every day? Are you looking for a place near the beach or shopping centres? Would you want to go out for some nightlife, dining, shopping, or entertainment in the city? Consider which cities and places would give you with the ideal holiday experience, and then search for houses in those locations.

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Determine the Accessibility of the Villa

A key consideration when purchasing a vacation property is how you plan to travel to your location. This is especially important if you plan to turn the vacation house into a villa rental. There are many great villas in Bali that’s truly exceptional, but are hard to reach. Some villas were located in small alleyway that are hard to navigate with taxi. We have personally seen secluded villas, offering impressive view of Bali’s lush jungles, but you need to go through small roads of remote villages and rice paddies. When choosing a vacation house, consider how much you want to spend on travel and how long it will take you to get to your favorite destination.

Finding The Right Talents For Your Business

Finding The Right Talents For Your Business

It is common for companies to recruit only the best candidates. It is even more common in sports because a team consisted of the best players have higher opportunity to win. However, it is not always the case when it comes to entrepreneurship and startups. More than choosing the best candidates to be part of your business team, it is more important to select the right talents. It means, you will only choose people who will fit in your company seamlessly. And it is such a good investment to start with. 

Growing your business by choosing the right talents

When it comes to growing business, there are many factors to consider to do it successfully. And one of the most important factors is the people involved. Hence, it is essential that you have the right filters to net the right talents to join with you. And here are ways you can do it:

Have your vacancy seen in multi platforms

Have your vacancy seen in multi platforms

By having your vacancy seen in multiple platforms, it means the higher the number of the applicants. It also means you are provided by more choices, varieties, and competition. It allows you to have wide selection of good candidates that you can choose carefully to fully fit in your company. You can use variety of job sites to start with your hunting. Use the platform that allows you to not only sourcing candidates but also find the right people according to what you need. Also, it is more beneficial to choose a platform that offers payment management, work activity view, and more. 

Make attractive job descriptions

You also need to be standout with your job descriptions. Make sure that you write it simple and casual. Also, it is important to use humanized tone instead of robotic professional thing. Avoid using excessive business jargon because it may be too creepy if you are not careful. Just simply write how you would speak as if you were talking to someone next to you. Also, make your job description easy to read and understand. It is highly recommended to use short, simple words and sentences. Use bullets numbers, and proper spacing to make it more understandable. 

Manage the candidates

After attracting so many candidates, you need to know how to manage and select them. This is such a challenging process because it needs to be efficient. If it is too overwhelming, you can use an app or software to manage the candidates in one place. This way, you can manage internal notes, resumes, and other information with ease. Make sure the process is clear and organized so you don’t miss out the right people to hire. 

Set up effective interview

The next process is the interview to know what kind of candidates you are going to select. The key to have successful hiring is by setting effective interview where you collect questions that generate answers that are indicative of true character and ability. You may look into their past and current behaviors to get better insight into your candidates’ tendencies. 

Most Stylish Canggu Bali Villa Rentals Trends to Copy Today

Most Stylish Canggu Bali Villa Rentals Trends to Copy Today

Like all trends, beach houses are always changing. The quickest ones to catch the trend will get noticed by guests and those who stuck in oldest time will get fewer and fewer bookings until they go out of favour. Guests who travel to urban and trendy beach town like Canggu, Bali, will expect an equally trendy villa rentals to stay in. We have seen many villas in strategic locations in Bali fail to attract guests because they fail to catch up with the trend. With that in mind, we want to bring you some of the most desirable vacation rental trends for your redesigning inspiration.

Modern Tropical Decor for Canggu Bali Villa Rentals

Modern Tropical Decor for Canggu Bali Villa Rentals

The tropics have a certain allure about them. It’s lighthearted and festive. By simply thinking about it, you can nearly hear the steel drums and smell the warm seaside breeze. Incorporating a tropical flair into your own house to create a vacation-worthy paradise. However, what one considers as tropical trend 10 years ago, like flamingos, big palm trees, and heavy folding screen are seen outdated today.

Rattan, wicker, and bamboo furnishings are essential for a modern tropical environment. These organic fabrics are stylish, comfy, and environmentally friendly. Bamboo is a beautiful material to use in your coastal house décor since it quickly transports you to the tropics. It’s also adaptable! We love how bamboo can be made into a variety of items, including as lighting, furniture, and seaside décor, and how you can use them wherever in your home. Bamboo is also an environmentally beneficial choice because it is a very sustainable resource.

Minimalist Design Over Heavy Ornaments

Minimalist Design Over Heavy Ornaments

Gone were the days where houses with heavy Balinese traditional structures  hunted by holiday-makers. Today, guests are increasingly interested in modern and minimalist villas without many clutters around the house. This means villa rentals with basic design, but employs artwork, color tones, and furnishings appropriately throughout the house. Try to furnish your Canggu Bali villa rental with subdued, neutral colors create a clean, minimalistic aesthetic. Then give your personal touch, like selection of arts and wooden furniture which brings warmth and harmony to the house.

Open Living House Plan is in the Trend for Canggu Bali Villa Rentals

Open Living House Plan is in the Trend for Canggu Bali Villa Rentals

The view is crucial when it comes to coastal design. Rather of cramming your kitchen with cupboards, opt for open shelving. It’s still practical, but it shifts the attention of the kitchen to a more inviting sight, such as a striking vista or a beautiful backsplash. It’s also extremely guest-friendly, making it simple for guests and family to assist themselves. An indoor-outdoor living space is created with full-length folding glass doors. The living area is expanded by extending the interior to the garden. Glass doors and windows enable natural light to permeate the space, providing a bright and open environment that our visitors adore.

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A Well-Maintained Garden in Your Tropical Villa

A Well-Maintained Garden in Your Tropical Villa

It’s easy to see why so many guests desire a tropical garden in their vacation home. When you hear someone mention a garden in this design, your imagination is immediately transported to a beautiful and exotic location that appears to be both peaceful and welcoming. We saw that Canggu Bali villa rentals that have a well-planned tropical garden in their yard tend to sell better. It also gives you opportunity to set up Instagrammable décor, such as pool beds, hanging rattan chair, rope hammock, or even boast lush traveller’s palm for a social-media-ready photo backdrop.

Ensuring Positive Outcomes Of Closing The Deals

Closing the deal successfully is what every business wants. The time and effort you put into the preparation is no joke and things still can go wrong with the deals. Hence, it is a must to know how to handle the situation in order to get to the point of closing successfully. You may need effective negotiation tactic to minimize the risk of your deal going sideways. 

Ensuring Positive Outcomes Of Closing The Deals

Tactics you need for closing the deals successfully

Negotiation tactics are essentials when it comes to closing the deal regardless of how big or small it is. You need to negotiate well to get what you want. Also, keep in mind that there are many factors you should consider when closing the deals. Preparation is a must but not the only key for the deal to be closed successfully so here are some tactics to consider:

Let your client talks

It is often that we overlook the ability to listen. Meanwhile, it is important in negotiation. When you try to close the deal, you tend to keep speaking when you want to counter an objection. However, it is best to let your client talk first and say what their problems are. Let them open up while you prepare for the solution. Or, you can also prepare for the possible objection in advance. 

Know what your counterpart look for

Understanding your counterpart is a must when it comes to negotiation for closing a deal. When you know what they want or are looking for, you know what to do to cater their need and present it through the lens of your company. You can show them how your company can meet their standards. Always get yourself informed by taking the time to do your research. This way, you can find the best ways to deliver what your counterparts need. 

Focusing on your counterpart’s motivation

When you get to the process of closing the deal, it means your clients have seen your potentials. They just need the right push to close the deals. Every client may have different reasons of what hold them back from signing on the deals. However, you can always get to the finish line by refocusing to their motivations for considering your offer in in the first place. Remind them gently and consistently what your value they saw in the first place. Hence, they will keep their focus on the benefit of closing the deals instead of their doubts. 

Consider adding urgency trigger

You can try instilling urgency into the deal to get immediate action because human brain basically is a natural procrastinator. Hence, adding urgency trigger can persuade them to take action immediately. You can give your clients a limited-time offer such as a discount if they sign today then let them make their own decision. They will calculate the most obvious benefits as well as risks. However, note that it is not manipulative tactic. It is as simple as persuasion and it has no risk of ruining the relationships between you and clients. 

Selling Your Business Successfully With Complete Preparation

Selling your business can benefit you and make a change in your life. It is when you can move to another challenge while knowing your team and clients are looked after. Many small business owners must have had this crossed their mind. Moving swiftly with your business sale-ready however is not that easy. There are many factors to hold you back such as slow market, not many buyers, and other kinds of uncertainty. 

Selling Your Business Successfully With Complete Preparation

Prepare your small business to be sale-ready

Experiencing the process of selling your small business is exciting but also full of challenges you have o be ready for. And here are things you need to prepare in order for your small business to be sale-ready:

Create manuals for every aspect

It is a must for you to prepare your small business by creating manuals of every aspect running it. Creating manuals is essentials and you have to take every single process to create a standard operating procedure or SOP. Then, share the manuals with your teams and ask for their feedback. These manuals will be the baseline of your work. They should contain all information required ahead of the schedule. This way, buyers know your business has high value.

Create a great brand

It means that you have to build a brand bigger than you to set its own price. You have to build a business that has strength beyond its balanced sheet. Show your buyers how high your business’s potential growth is by showing them what your business has built including impressive first page of Google, solid online presence, sterling reputation, loyal customers, and many more. 

Try not to tie your business to one individual

If you are the face of your business, sometimes it creates a barrier to growth because you could only be in one place at once. Hence, encourage other team members to take the spotlight when they are comfortable to. This is how you bring others into the mix so your brand no longer has one individual as its face. 

Document your knowledge and share it

Document your knowledge and share it

As a business leader, you must have gone various circumstances which have taught you so many valuable lessons that only you know about. You can pass down this tacit knowledge to your trusted team so they know what to do or what to answer when they face the same situation happened to you when you are no longer with the brand. Try to upskill every area  of your team to make them ready. Document your tacit knowledge so it is ready to be shared. 

Create teams full of credible leaders

Make every single of your employees a leader. It is not about name of position, it is about how you can help them build themselves to be a true leader who takes ownership of their role and responsibilities beyond a transition phase. Make them resilient leaders who are ready to take the brand to another level without waiting around for instruction. Create teams ful of credible and reliable leaders who don’t need babysitting.