Make Your Business Ready For The Unexpected

The pandemic has given us so many lessons in life including to expect the unexpected. There have been many obstacles caused by the pandemic and there is no guarantee that something like this won’t happen again in the future. Hence, it is a must that we are always be ready for the unexpected. It is also applied to how we run our business. Making your business to be on ready mode all the time to face the unexpected is necessary. 

How to build resilient business that is always ready for the unexpected

There will always be global shifts be it from pandemic and any other causes. Even if there was not global pandemic last year, your business might have been also suffered from other crisis. The point is to not focus on the cause but the strategies to plan. And here are ways you can make your business ready to expect the unexpected:

Be ready to act quick

When something bad happen, it is common for some people to freeze and don’t know what to do. It is okay if you are like that but don’t let yourself get stuck because it only leads to being unable to make decision. Hence, make your business to be ready to act all the time by preparing strategic plans to do in emergency situation. Try not to panic yourself because you are the pillar of your organization. You need your whole organizations to be agile and flexible. 

Prepare for a backup fund

No matter what type of business you build, you need to save aside from your revenue as a backup for when your business facing rainy days. You don’t know when crisis will struck you so always have a backup fund fr your business to stay afloat during crisis. Being aware of your budget and finance is essentials and you need to do it constantly. Do not feel safe and neglect your plan on savings just because your business is doing well because you don’t know what is waiting for you in the future. 

Ready to pivot

Being resilient doesn’t mean you force your business to charge forward on the same path when it needs to pivot instead. There are some situations where you need to pivot because it is necessary. And it is important to train your mindset to be open-minded when it comes to the need of pivoting. Maybe a quick turn is what can save your business from going down during crisis. Hence, do not be stubborn for no reason. Be realistic and objective in making decision. 

Be willing to learn

You want your business to grow but in order to achieve that, you also need to grow yourself. And you can only grow if you learn something constantly. There are many lessons the pandemic have taught us all. Learn from them and find your ways to prosper. Also, encourage the people around you to also be open-minded about learning, growing and thriving. This way, your business will always be ready to face any obstacles in the future. 

Private Labuan Bajo Tour During Pandemic

Labuan Bajo is included as a super-priority destination in Indonesia, of course, it is ready to open tourist visits, especially during the pandemic. Readiness to implement standard health protocols is mandatory for all tourists, whether sharing or private Labuan Bajo tour. Ideally, the Labuan Bajo cruise takes you to explore many large islands, small islands, including diving and snorkeling activities.

Private Labuan Bajo Tour During Pandemic

How to do Labuan Bajo Tour during Pandemic?

Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park, two major tourist attractions in East Nusa Tenggara, have welcomed foreign and local visitors under rigorous health procedures.

Those interested in visiting the two locations should follow the actions outlined below to ensure their safety and comfort throughout their visit. Many people question whether it is possible to do a Labuan Bajo trip in the middle of a pandemic? Of course, you have to pay attention to certain procedures to be able to explore Labuan Bajo, the National Park, and surrounding areas.

Online registration

Visitors must register online before entering Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park. Providing their name, identity card or passport number, medical certificate, and the insurance company. They must also identify which attractions they wish to see as well as their preferred mode of transportation.

Komodo National Park visitors must travel with one of the tour providers mentioned on the website. Based on information from the Hello Flores team, tourists must also prepare documents as a condition for the Labuan Bajo tour.

Travel documents

Aside from online registration, visitors to Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park must bring certain documents with them. A negative COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test or quick test result, as well as identity cards, are the papers.

Health protocols is a must

Visitors must wear face masks, practice physical distance, bring hand sanitizer, and wash their hands frequently during their visit.

Limited capacities

In the second phase, the mainland resorts of Loh Buaya, Loh Liang, and Padar Selatan, as well as the maritime tourism destinations of Batu Bolong, Karang Makassar, Mauwan, and Siaba Besar, have reopened.

The number of daily visitors to each mainland site is limited. For example, the Loh Buaya resort can only accept 75 people, the Loh Liang resort can only handle 250 people, and the Padar Selatan resort can only take 60 people per day.

To avoid the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, the number of boats allowed at the maritime tourism areas has been regulated. Batu Bolong can only accommodate eight boats per day, Karang Makassar can accommodate 32 boats, while Mauwan and Siaba Besar can accommodate 20 boats per day.

Private tour Labuan Bajo

Private tour Labuan Bajo

The best way to travel during the pandemic is with a private Labuan Bajo tour. You will sail with people you know well, and minimize the spread of covid 19. The budget you prepare will certainly be a little expensive compare to sharing costs but security and safety are the most important. The Labuan Bajo private boat operator ensures that all ship crews and captains have passed all health procedures and kept the facilities safe from the covid 19 virus. Your Labuan Bajo cruise vacation will be fun, more private, safe and you can master all the facilities without having to share with people you don’t know.

Improving Your Startup Finance The Right Way

Starting a business is not something you can do carelessly without any preparation especially in the matter of finance. A business can cost ten of thousands of dollars to start even if it is a small one. Launching a business is a serious matter because it involves big money that you are going to use to purchase many essentials. 

Improving Your Startup Finance The Right Way

Strategies to use to improve your startup finance

Covering the expenses requires you to get the best funding. You need to find a way to get the fund such as by contacting an angel investor, working with VC, or even crowdfunding. Aside from those strategies, you may also need other tactics to reduce more of your expenses your business will likely to face, such as the following:

Consider buying used equipment

If it is possible, you may consider buying used equipment instead of the new ones to fill your needs. For example when buying electronics. You can look for sizeable market for old devices or last year’s models for a much lower price. You may also consider buying vehicle or machinery from another business to score much better deal. However, always evaluate the quality before deciding to purchase them.

Consider leasing instead of buying

There are many benefits you can get from choosing to leasing instead of buying equipment. The biggest benefit is that you can save money in the short-term. You may be interested to loan instead. However, remember that it usually comes with high interest rates. Hence, leasing is considered safer alternative if you need such heavy, expensive equipment. It will help lower your total upfront cost significantly. 

Hire with consideration

Building a team full of talented, highly-motivated people is a dream of every business owner. However, it is recommended to hire only who you need when you just starting your business. Keep in mind that labor can be expensive and if you go all out from the beginning, your budget might be running out only to that alone while you still need to pay for other necessities. Hence, stabilize your company’s finance by hiring people you will need only. 

Consider partnerships

You are not the only small business owner who is struggling with your finance. Hence, why not considering a partnership with other small business owners in your are to cover each other’s needs. You can support each other in the form of trading or bartering based on what each other needs. Hence, it will result in mutual benefits for both parties. 

Consider investing in insurance

Many small business owners skip this area because they don’t think insurance is valuable or important investment for them to consider. Meanwhile, insurance can provide financial protection in a number of areas in your business. Even though it can be a little expensive and you cannot just cut the expense on your own will, insurance is still one of the most important expenses in your business. Make sure to choose the right insurance that fits your business’s value and vision.

Travelers’ Mistakes When Booking Exclusive Villas in Bali

Travelers’ Mistakes When Booking Exclusive Villas in Bali

You have planned your visit to Bali for several months now. To prepare for this, you have done your research; picking up destinations to visit, deciding on areas to stay, and comparing between hotels and dozens of vacation rentals in several travel listings. You want everything to be perfect so you can enjoy the holiday at ease. With the presence of travel sites like AirBnB, Booking(dot)com, or Indonesian unicorn Traveloka, it has become a lot easier for travelers to find the best exclusive villas in Bali for the vacation. 

However, people make mistakes. And sometimes, a small mistake can ruin a perfectly planned vacation. So be careful and don’t do these mistakes travelers do in villas and vacation rentals in Bali. 

Booking the Exclusive Bali Villas Close to the Schedule

Travelers like to visit new places and have a great time, therefore we all prefer to postpone bookings at the right moment, resulting in surge pricing. So, always attempt to book your holiday rental property ahead of time in order to obtain the greatest discounts by speaking/texting with the host. Also, keep in mind peak seasons such as Christmas, summer vacation, and spring break. Make your reservations months in advance; you’ll be glad you did.

Skipping on Amenities List

Skipping on Amenities List

Check for basic amenities offered by the host in the Bali villas. For example, check for such as ironing boards, irons, desks/workspaces, high-speed Wifi, laundry, and air conditioning. These are some things that will help you get through the day, so keep them in mind when reserving your vacation home.

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Fail to Check the Availability of Breakfast

Some people expect complimentary breakfast when they book exclusive villas in Bali. However, they forget to check whether the villa is actually serviced or not. Some villas do, some villas completely let the guess at their own device. It’s no one’s fault. Rather, it’s a matter of preference and carefulness upon booking. 

Not Checking the Pantry Stocks

If you enjoy coffee, check sure the vacation home you are contemplating booking has a basic stock offering such as tea, coffee, sugar, salt, microwave, drinking water bottles, and so on. Again, these items are not difficult to obtain. However, it is always preferable if you are given with them. Furthermore, some of these items can be given if you expressly request them.

Booking Exclusive Bali Villas that are Too Far from Your Destinations

Booking Exclusive Bali Villas that are Too Far from Your Destinations

Some exclusive villas in Bali are extremely gorgeous; they are located in a secluded oceanfront offering utmost bliss. Some of them nestles just in the fringe of Balinese rainforest radiating a soothing ambience. While these villas seems like appearing from perfectly curated travel magazine, they might not be suitable for everyone. A secluded villa in far flung locations would be heaven for honeymoon couples or travelers seeking for solitude. However, it would be a big mistake if you wish to go to different places and explore Bali to the nooks and crannies. So, prepare a list of places you would want to see before booking, and then choose the right location which suits and makes your stay unforgettable.

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Not Being Careful to Fraud

Make sure you only book through legitimate websites rather than through solitary advertisements such as those found on Craigslist. Know that there is a significant possibility of fraudsters running the advertising and siphoning off people’s money. To avoid this, try reserving your private Bali villas through reputable services such as Airbnb, Traveloka, Expedia, and others.

Consider Digital Marketing Agency To Help Grow Your Business

In this digital age, consumers are getting dependant to technology such as smartphone. Hence, it is a must for businesses to adap to the situation by investing in digital strategies to stay competitive. There are always updates and trends in digital marketing you need to keep up to. You can explore and improve your digital marketing strategies. However, it will be more beneficial if you receive help from the experts to boost your digital marketing strategies. Hopefully, your business will grow its ROI significantly higher with this effort. 

Why considering digital marketing experts

You can get marketing insight from anywhere. However, if you get it from non-professionals, usually what you get is still substantial. If your brand still has limited experience and resources then it will benefit you to consider hiring digital marketing experts. And here are some of the benefits of it:

Creating contents that address your market’s concerns

Digital marketing experts always stay updated with the latest trends and happenings. Hence, they know what could affect your business. They have the resources to study your audience to create more targeted contents fitted to your market’s concerns. They will give you picture of how your audience consume contents on your platforms such as social accounts or property pages. They will customize contents according to the type of platforms as well to fit the target audience.

More access to the latest tech and tools

Experienced digital marketing experts are able to provide the resources you need to strengthen your digital presence such as through SEO, social media strategies, content marketing, etc. You will be provided with free access to important tech and tools you need to boost your marketing strategies. Hence, you can perform any kind of basic analysis related to your marketing using the provided tools without wasting much money. Or, you can also choose the premium software from the digital marketing agency with lower price along with the help of their technical partners. 

Build more robust digital presence

It is essential for business now to grow digital presence since most of people around the world spend their time online using variety of platforms. However, digital presence doesn’t mean your brand should stay on number one spot on the search engine results. It simply means your brand should be found easily whenever users look for it online. Digital marketing experts will help you create impactful social media, SEO, and PPC online to grow your online presence.

Align your short and long term strategies

Digital marketing experts will guide you to create more powerful and effective digital marketing strategies. More importantly, they will ensure that your short term plans align with your long term ones using routine evaluation be it monthly or quarterly. Through routine evaluation, you will know how far your strategies work and if they deliver the results you aimed. However, you also should ensure that besides powerful and impactful, the strategies are still flexible enough to adapt to any changes happening within the industry.

Tips For Plan Trip To Komodo Island

Komodo Island, one of Indonesia’s best-kept secrets, provides all you need for a complete trip, from ancient species to colorful exotic reefs, exquisite beaches to verdant highlands. Read our advice for organizing a trip to Komodo Island to get the most out of your adventure.

Komodo island with beautiful scenery

Plan your Komodo Island route

Komodo Island is located east of Java and Bali in the smaller Sunda Islands. If you’re flying internationally, the island is accessible via Jakarta or Bali. You may fly to Labuan Bajo (also known as Komodo Airport) in Flores, which is the hub for Komodo island trips, from any of the two cities. The travel time from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo is around 2.5 hours, while the flight time from Bali is only one hour. A multi-day boat excursion from Lombok is another popular alternate route for travellers.

Choose the best time to visit

While there is no wrong time to visit a strange island teeming with ancient dragon species and other fascinating creatures, it’s useful to know what to expect at any given moment. The magnificent green scenery and tranquil, clear sea are the best experiences in April-June. Manta rays, whale sharks, sperm whales, and other marine mammals can you see in abundance between September and November. The months of July and August are peak tourist season, so expect the island crowd. If you must travel during this time, make reservations for excursions and lodging as soon as possible. The monsoon season begins in January and peaks in February. During this time, several trips choose not to operate.

Choose the right month for your event.

Before arranging your trip to Komodo Island, make sure to check your menstrual cycle. Komodo dragons can detect blood from up to 12 kilometers away, which can trigger their aggressive and predatory instincts. It is advised to avoid exploring the island during your period. This may seem delicate, but you can still discuss it with the tour guide or park ranger ahead of time, and they will advise you on what to do based on the scenario.

Choose Tour Komodo Island Operator

There are numerous travel companies that operate on the Komodo National Park. You might want to look into their services and costs ahead of time and make a reservation, as each has its own advantages. Hello Flores, for example, offers a variety of packages with various highlights. You can also book a boat or tour service on the spot, but expect to pay more or settle for a less respected provider.

Komodo island safety tips

In most cases, Komodo dragons will not attack you out of spite. However, if you threaten them in any way, they may do so. When near a komodo, avoid making unexpected movements. If a Komodo pursues you (heaven forbid), flee in a zigzag path rather than straight, and seek shelter at one of the park’s staged houses rather than climbing a tree.

Tips For Entrepreneurs To Enhance Reading Experience

Reading is one of the best ways for you to gain new information that will be valuable for you if not for today then maybe for the next few years. Through reading, you also gain new perspectives, open up your mind, and train your brain to stay curious and creative. It might be a little bit more challenging for entrepreneurs to have keep reading habit due to many works and responsibilities. However, there will always a way for you to pick up a book even during your tight schedule. 

Tips For Entrepreneurs To Enhance Reading Experience

Tips to develop reading habits for entrepreneurs

There is no rule that limits type of books entrepreneurs can read. Even if you read books unrelated to your expertise then it is totally fine. It will always be beneficial to get new knowledge and information. Reading can help broaden your mind and so it is very beneficial for your entrepreneurial life and personal life in general. And here are some tips to develop your reading habits:

Diversify your library

As mentioned earlier that there is no rule of what kind of book entrepreneurs should or should not read. The more diverse the books you read, the better. Hence, try reading books from various perspectives, genres, and sources. However, balance it with reading books on leaderships and industry related topics with material from other places that is unrelated to your typical reading or company materials. Reading more diverse books aside from the ones that pertain your own line of work and life is the best practice to adopt because it will add more value and insight. 

Try reading in different formats

For those avid readers, reading physical books is much more satisfying. However, it is not the only way that you can read. You may also consider reading in different formats such as audiobooks. The benefit is that, you can still read while doing other meaningful activities. For example, you can listen to audiobook while having your morning jogging or while preparing your own meals. On the other hand, if you are more like e-reader, you may consider taking the hard copy and try reading it that way. Hence, you no longer have to spend hours staring at your screen. There are many different reading forms you can try from time to time. It can also make it reading experience less boring. 

How to integrate reading into your life?

Many people often say they don’t read because they don’t have time. However, it is such a poor excuse because if you have time to scroll social media for hours, then you will have time to read a book. Also, do not feel burdened to finish reading a book in short time. There is no obligation of when you have to finish a book. The most important thing is how to get started it and make it into a regular habit of yours. You can read and use it as therapy for relaxation before bed. Other ways include listening to audiobook while commuting to work, or packing a book to read during a flight. 

Why You Should Return to Nusa Dua Resorts for Your Next Bali Holiday

There is something about returning to the same place over and over again for a holiday. Imagine life in in 18C when people have dedicated summer house where they go for holiday in every year. While this is definitely not something for the super-adventurous who always want to see different part of the world, returning to the same Nusa Dua resorts for your Bali holiday can be a good idea to try. This is why you might enjoy it. 

Why You Should Return to Nusa Dua Resorts for Your Next Bali Holiday

Coming Back to Nusa Dua Resorts that You Know Feels Like Home

Returning to a resort after a previous visit can seem like returning home. You know where the nearest restroom, the ice machine, and the concierge desk are. You’ve also figured out where the best economical eateries and food stores are.

You Have Historical Relationship with the Resort

Maybe it’s the resort that your parents took you when you were a little kid. Or the one where you got proposed by your long-term partner. Perhaps you have once seek refugee to resorts in Nusa Dua after a busy month full of tiring meetings and deadline, and since then you have asssociated the resort with ultimate peace and mental healing. Either way, you have special relationship with the resort and revisiting the place is one way to keep the memory alive. 

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Feeling Safe in the Familiarity of Nusa Dua Resorts that You Know

Feeling Safe in the Familiarity of Nusa Dua Resorts that You Know

There’s something special about returning to a place you know you’ll enjoy. If certain tourists have a wonderful experience at a location, they want to go back because they know they’ll have a nice time there again. They’ve found several activities, restaurants, and experiences that they’ll love while they’re there. If the place continues to make them happy, they will most likely return. In familiar areas, there is also comfort, safety, and less risk.

Less Stress for Travel Planning

Ever feel stressed when you choose a place to stay for your vacation? When you go somewhere new, usually you’ll need to research the area. Make a list of potential hotel, resort, or vacation rental to stay in. Read the reviews about the place. Calculate the travel time from the hotel to your destination lists. So much stress on travel planning already. Repeat visits are less stressful and time-consuming, especially if you choose the same hotel, car rental location, and so on.

Bigger Chance to Get Special Treatments as Loyal Customers

You Have Historical Relationship with the Resort

Hotels and resorts love it when you return. They usually have loyalty programs and they are happy to give something special for their most loyal customers. Hotels and resorts occasionally express it by providing you upgrades, freebies, perks, or other tiny signs of appreciation. Now, could you refuse free beverage coupons?

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Less Travel Mistakes (Especially when Travelling with Kids) 

You can’t know all you don’t know the first time you go somewhere or do something. You have no idea that the lobby contains many huge refrigerators where you may store your groceries while you wait for your room to be ready. You’re not aware of the traffic-free shortcut. You have no idea which eateries in the area are rip-offs and which are beautiful. When you’re looking for a genuine break from your regular routine and you have little children, the fewer travel surprises the better.

Keeping Your Business Safe During Turbulence Times

Through the pandemic, we all learn that nothing is immortal including business. It is something that can fall easily with some turbulence. Many businesses around the world were forced to shut down during lockdowns. Many were not prepared to face the situation, forcing them to give up. Hence, it is vital to always remember that disaster can hit in any time. What you need to do as entrepreneurs is not to blame the disaster but prepare your small business better to face it because disaster is often unexpected. Even if you can predict it, it might be too late to do something. 

Keeping Your Business Safe During Turbulence Times

Keep your business resilient during disastrous times

Companies that are standing until now are those who show resilient through their innovations and flexibility. It is not easy especially for small business that have small pools of resources to fall back into. But still, there are ways you can do to keep your business stay afloat even during disastrous times, and here are the tips for you:

Understand each risk of critical components of your business

Keep in mind that there is not only one risk you should cautious of when it comes to business because you need to see it from whole point of view. It means you need to calculate the risk across your company’s intangible capital because your company consists of human, structural, as well a social and customer capital. When you understand these risks, you can mitigate them over time and keep your company safe during disastrous times. Not only that, your business will also gain more value since the risks are mitigated. 

Increase your brand visibility

It is essential for your business to increase brand’s visibility especially during hard times to maintain and share your market share. Instead of solely cutting your business’s spending or going into survival mode, it is more recommended that you communicate more with your client base. Allow the to know that they are still your priority, and focus more on elevating your customer service to create more raving fans. 

Trust your employees

To safeguard your business, you can start it by trusting your employees to work hard from wherever they choose. For example, giving them choice to use the office whenever they want while mostly working from their home. Providing flexibility will help a lot in protecting your business from losing valuable resources especially because you never know what will hit your business. 

Be more innovative

It is a must for every business leaders to run the system with innovative thinking. Innovation leads you to more flexibility in finding new ways to pivot. Even if the curveballs hit, you know what to do to keep engaging with existing and new customers. The key is to deliver best user experience for every customer you have. By always delivering the best, you build trust with customers. You establish positive relationship that may last long even during tumultuous times. Keep in mind that good relationship and partnerships are vital to success more importantly during the hard times.

6 Strategies to Get Positive Reviews for Private Bali Villas

Get Positive Reviews for Private Bali Villas Business

Reviews, or as we call it in marketing industry, the social proof. It’s what customers impression of you and they leave it in places where everyone else can see it. It can be in Google places, a listing where they get your service, a dedicated review website, or in their own social media platform. When you have private villas in Bali a guest’s positive reviews serves as an organic marketing tool-the “social proof” as a reason why future guest should book the accommodation for their upcoming holiday.  

Why Positive Reviews is Important for Your Villa Business

For one simple reason, many hospitality businesses fall short of their competitors: they don’t have any or enough ratings. According to research, more than three-quarters of travelers read hotel and alternative lodging reviews before making a reservation. As a result, it’s critical that you have a collection of genuine guest testimonials on your website so that future customers can learn from others’ experiences. There’s no denying that credible reviews are an important part of the vacation rental booking process, as they assure potential guests, validate their choices, and help convert web-surfers into bookers. Customers value the opinions of others since we are all critics in our own right.

Take Focus on Customer Experiences at Your Private Bali Villas

Six Strategies to Get Positive Reviews for Private Bali Villa Business

When it comes to vacation rentals, you need to be aware of your guests’ experiences so that you can provide them with the vacation they deserve. Adding simple touches like water toys for the kids or chocolates on the pillow for a couple’s weekend adds a lot to your relationship with your guests. It makes people feel at ease, and it enhances the likelihood of a positive review.

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Keep the House in Prime Condition

If you want guests to be happy in your vacation rental, you need to make sure that the living space is all neat and tidy. If you don’t clean your house thoroughly before each visitor, you’ll fall short of their expectations. So do your homework before and after your visit to guarantee that your vacation property is spotless. Double-check lightbulbs, appliances, heat, and faucets on a regular basis. The last thing you want is a guest calling you or your guest contact midway through their stay to report a faulty dishwasher.

Satisfy Guests’ Needs in During Their Stay at Private Bali Villas

Satisfy Guests’ Needs in During Their Stay at Private Bali Villas

Guests love it when they settle in an easy vacation rental. That means they don’t have to bring all the toiletries and spices from their own home and they’ll be doing just fine in the villa. To begin, treat your private Bali villas like a five-star hotel would; make a living space with well-stocked amenities. Make sure you have enough coffee, tea, and spices in your kitchen cabinets. Every bathroom should have toilet paper, soap, shower goods, and extra towels. In each bedroom, keep fresh linens, plenty of cushions, and warm throws on hand. Next, evaluate your home’s amenities and make any necessary upgrades. Appliances such as coffee makers, hair dryers, and microwaves are must-haves.

Make It Easy to Review Your Property

The modern traveler is accustomed to having everything they require at hand. Make it simple for your guests to leave a review if you want to boost your chances of getting one. The easiest way is giving them link to review the private Bali villas in the travel platform you are in, such as, Traveloka, Tripadvisor, or other. You can also ask them directly to leave the review in your Google Place!

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Ask Your Guests for Reviews

Ask Your Guests for Reviews

Sometimes, the easiest way to get glowing review is to ask it. And the best time to get a heartfelt review is when the guest’s trip is still fresh in their mind. So, after the guest tells you that checkout is complete, why not ask for a review in that final communication?

Guests will usually agree and review your holiday rental in a matter of minutes. If you wish to boost your chances, end your plea by appealing to the guest’s compassion. Explain to the guests that reviews are valuable to you since they help you improve the property and attract future exceptional guests like them. If you wait until the guests return, the vacation will be a distant memory.

Share Your Customers’ Reviews in Your Social Media Page

Social media explores the human urge for affirmation in great depth, and you can use it for your benefit. You can accomplish a handful of vital things regarding your rental property by publishing evaluations on social media and your rental’s website. First, you tell potential clients that your rental is relevant and deserving of a review. Second, you let other past guests aware that they may be included on your property’s platforms even if they have not yet left a review. Because consumers enjoy receiving this kind of attention, it will enhance the likelihood that they will take action and post a review.