Overcoming Difficulties in Relationships During Pandemic

Pandemic is not something pleasant to happen because it cause many struggles and difficulties for people. Not only did it affect the global economy, it has also affected people engaging on social interactions. Many people experience difficulties in their relationships during the pandemic whether or not it is directly related to the pandemic itself. 

How to overcome struggles in relationship during pandemic

There are many types of struggles people have experienced from the pandemic. For example, some people lost their family to covid-19, lost the job, or struggle to connect with other people in general. The pandemic has caused more problems and stress to everyone’s life. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot overcome them. 

Different views of the pandemic

In this pandemic, there are two particular sides, they are the people who believe the pandemic is real and the people who don’t. You might have encounters people even in your circle who share different views on this. For others, it is treated just like different opinion but for some others, this kind of different has caused major clash. 

Of course, everyone has the right to choose what they want to believe and be respectful toward each other. Differences in opinion or views should not affect relationships. Instead, we can empathize with each other even if they don’t share the same opinions. Avoid being judgmental regardless of the topic that cause differences. 

Spread more love

To overcome differences, difficulties, and struggles caused and during the pandemic, it is important to look back at our nature, which is to spread love. Keep in mind that the your friends and families are part of your life and they are the ones you choose to love. Hence, try to spread more love and be more understanding. Try to stay in touch even through virtual contacts and do it regularly to avoid keeping more distance. 

Manage stress 

Sometimes, you are in relationship struggles because of your own stress. Hence, it is important to look for the cause of it and manage it consciously. You can manage stress by engaging in new hobby, trying physical activities, or practicing meditation. These activities can help prevent you from blowing off on loved ones. Taking out your stress or anger to the people closest to you will only make you feel guiltier, and cause more stress. 

Build open communication

Communication is the key in successful relationship, be it with friends, families, employers, etc. Open communication allows you to talk about the things that bother you or negative feelings towards the others and vice versa. As soon as you feel negative energy in your relationship, let it out through open, honest communication. Hence, there is no room for it to grow into negative feelings that affect your relationship. 

Supporting each other

In the times of difficulty like this pandemic, there are many factors that drive you apart from the people you love. To be able to overcome the situation, it is important to support each other unconditionally. This way, the bond in relationship will grow stronger instead.

While in Bali: Best Place to Get A Tattoo in Each Area

There’s something about having summer trip in Bali that compels people to get a tattoo. Maybe it’s for a token to remember their epic vacation. It could be a perfect relationship binder with the gangs or the boo. Or, for someone who has grown familiar with tattoo, visiting a place without getting a tattoo from that place simply feels like a miss. The tattoo culture in Bali grows as fast as fashion—and as big. Now, you can find the best place to get a tattoo in Bali at ease. Tattoo parlours in this island are now far from the image of traditional tattoo studios. You know; the all-black wall plastered with intimidating tattoo design, cramped room with sea of tattoo chairs, tattoo equipments   packed in the corner, and you’ve have no idea when was the last time that machines cleaned, judging from the appearances. A decade ago, the best tattoo place screams badass and masculinity. Today, the trend changes and the best tattoo parlours are the one who could offer high-level of cleanliness, good circulation, and skilled artists.  

They said that the most reputable tattoo parlours and tattoo artists in Bali tends to resides in the south. In this article, we will go deep into the southern cross and look at the best tattoo shop in Bali at its every region. Let’s get started.   

While in Bali: Best Place to Get A Tattoo in Each Area

Sanur — Sanur Ink: The Best Place to Get Traditional Tattoo in Bali

Located in Jalan Danau Tamblingan (one of the main road in Sanur), you could easily spot Sanur Ink at ease from afar. Sanur Ink is one of the oldest tattoo parlour in Bali—and they continue to be one of the best place to get one. They house professionals of every style. You could request tribal, modern design, to Balinese traditional art at Sanur Ink. Everything on the parlour is clean so you could be assured that hygiene is a priority. They are run by Balinese tattoo artists with western standard. Sanur Ink have a Facebook page where you could see their portfolios and reviews. 

Canggu — Koloni Tattoo: The Best Place to Get Modern Tattoo in Bali

Located in the heart of Canggu, one could easily mistaken the Koloni Tattoo Community for a cafe. Lush green plants are hanging from the studios’s second floor. Full glass windows encase the whole studio, presenting a fully sun-lit, aesthetic space. Once you step inside, you’ll see why Koloni Canggu is among the best place to get a modern tattoo in Bali. Cologne is striving to be the cleanest and safest environment to get inked on this island. Aside of their fastidious hygiene, they commit to connect people with the best tattoo artists available in Bali. The Koloni loves to collaborate with other studios, both in Bali and overseas, and feature talented artists on their Guest Spot all year long. You could eyeing your favourite artist—who probably currently are in Thailand—to come to Koloni next month!

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Legian — Mason’s Ink: The Legend of Tattoo Studio

One of the legendary tattoo parlour in Bali, Mason’s Ink offers high quality tattoo at affordable price. This Australian managed tattoo studio is now having another branch in Seminyak. Mason’s Ink produce diverse designs on their works; from standard black and grey to vibrant watercolour style and patterns. They have sound systems and flat screen TV in case you are feeling bored with the tattooing process. 

Seminyak — Artful Ink: The First Fully International Tattoo Studio

Another legendary tattoo parlour in Bali, the Artful Ink Seminyak is one of the best place to get a tattoo on this island. Artful Ink is a part of international network tattoo studios, the first to be international tattoo studio in Indonesia. The studio was build with European design in mind, resulting in sophisticated, classy tattoo parlour. Rest assured knowing that they use the highest quality of Italian and Californian ink with single use, sterile equipments.