How to Decorate Villas in Seminyak with Coastal Boho Chic Style

How to Decorate Villas in Seminyak with Coastal Boho Chic Style

When your home seems like a day at the beach, life is always a beach. The Spruce claims that homeowners have been adorning their waterfront and beachfront properties in the coastal style for decades. Even though the design originated on the Atlantic coast, each region and environment has its own distinct interpretation of the look. Bali, known for its gorgeous beaches and island living, is perfect for this style—especially when it’s combined with Indonesia’s beautiful rattans and wooden furnitures. This style is perfect for villas if you have villas in Seminyak; the chic and posh coastal town of Bali. With a few decorating tricks, you may incorporate cool, coastal design into your house even if your Seminyak villa is not located exactly by the beach. 

The Essence of Coastal Design for Your Seminyak Villas

The colors and features of the sea define the coastal cottage look. A calming atmosphere is produced by the sand, driftwood, rope, shells, and light reflecting off the ocean. Include those qualities in a clear, straightforward manner. The objective is to bring that sun-kissed wind and relaxing atmosphere within without the mess of sand. There are not many villas and rentals in Seminyak that have fully decorated their space in this theme, so you can win the competition by incorporating this design right.

A Neutral Color Palette

A Neutral Color Palette
Image source: mykindofbliss

The main thing to keep in mind is that, like the ocean, nothing should be overbearing while creating a coastal cottage design in your Seminyak villas. Like mixing sand with seafoam, colors should be a balance of neutrals and pops of color. The ideal method to add dimension to a space without going overboard is to layer comparable hues and tones. To complete the look, add stylish finishing touches with rope, driftwood, or shells.

Diverse tones of blue, green, beige, white, and coral are frequently used in this décor. All of these hues complement one another because they are present in coastal environment. The primary colors ought to be white or softer shades that resemble sand. Consider warm grays, light beiges, and khaki hues. You can use more exuberant ocean tones as accent colors. Colors like aqua, seafoam, deep sea blue, or coral look great with this style. To give the room greater depth and lines, layer in different sand tones.

Decorate with Natural Fibers, Rattan, and Wooden Furnitures

Utilize seaside natural materials to evoke the outdoors. Woods, jute, sisal, and naturally woven textiles all read as extremely seaside, while cottons and linens feel easy and breezy. Consider dune grasses, pines, palms, and driftwood. Real seagrass is used to make some woven fabrics. To bring the necessary earthiness and texture to a space, a natural woven jute or sisal rug is a terrific option for a living room or bedroom with an all-white coastal palette. If the texture bothers you, you can always cover the rug with a smaller, softer carpet for increased comfort.

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Ocean-Inspired Color Theme

Ocean-Inspired Color Theme

Interiors with lots of light and brightness are ideal for coastal villas. A coastal vacation home can have a seaside vibe by having white clapboard walls and blue and gray tones. Using images of beautiful white beaches and blue skies as inspiration will help you choose a light color scheme. When incorporated into the decor of your house, nature’s beautifully complementing color schemes offer a relaxing impact.

Don’t Leave Out Your Outdoor Space

Don’t Leave Out Your Outdoor Space

People frequently accept less outdoor space if being close to the sea is vital to them. Even if your patio or yard is modest, you can still make the most of it by adding seats and potted plants. For instance, the opulent terrace at this Seminyak villa with private swimming pool is evoking the feeling of beach clubs with pool chairs and a daybed with draping linen where guests can immerse in the island living.

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Shop from the Local Artists in Bali

The best course of action is to purchase locally when looking for decorative items for your vacation home. You’ll not only be boosting the local economy and assisting small companies, but you’ll also undoubtedly find some unusual objects to give your home some personality.

Where better to find goods that represent the shore than at the coast, whether they be artwork, antiques, or table lamps?

Keep the Room Uncluttered and Give A Lot of Space

One experiences a sense of space and calm as soon as they step out onto the beach and look out over the water. Keep your rooms airy and uncluttered to give your home an impression of openness and space. Go easy on the accessories and arrange the furniture so that the overall vista is maintained. Make your house feel as though a lovely beach breeze could wash through it.

Tour Komodo Labuan Bajo, A Practical Way To Enjoy Flores 

In contrast to tourist destinations that have interesting places for city tours, Labuan Bajo has the unique waters of the Flores Sea. Live onboard and island hopping are the most attractive tourist attractions in this place. Travelers can visit small islands. Tour Komodo Labuan Bajo brings you to enjoy the blue sky, trekking up the hill to enjoy the natural beauty from a height. Diving and snorkeling activities are a mainstay to enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater world whose water is clear like glass. To get these ships, we can find them at the pier not far from Labuan Bajo Harbor, where the ferry docks.

How to get Tour Komodo Labuan Bajo boat?Tour Komodo Labuan Bajo

You can rent a boat that is widely available at the Labuan Bajo Harbor pier, or book in advance to ensure that the ship we want is available when we arrive. Taking a Komodo cruise Labuan Bajo is the only way to see everything that lies between Flores and Komodo. Cruise in a modern take on the Indonesian Phinisi for a more authentic sailing experience. Let’s check the Komodo liveaboard to explore Flores. 

Magia 2 Liveaboard

Magia 2 is a work of art that combines traditional Phinisi architecture with foreign architecture. A yacht made entirely of the finest teak wood and decorated with the French wallpaper and Italian lamps will undoubtedly spoil everyone who wishes to join the voyage. Come aboard to see the wonders of this luxurious yacht and prepare to be enchanted by its enchanting atmosphere.

magia 2 liveaboard

Boat size: 25 meters

Capacities: 10 guests


  • 1 master cabin
  • 2 guest cabin
  • 1 VIP cabin

If you enjoy water sports, Magia 2 offers a wide range of gear and equipment for popular activities such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and many more. It is available to all guests at no additional cost. In terms of diving, a professional trainer is present to guide both novice and experienced divers.

Jakare Komodo cruise

The high-end boat has enough space for 10-14 people to enjoy the cruise trip. It is a family-friendly boat that is ideal for your children’s first sailing adventure. Jakare boat represents the state of the sailing art after a two-year construction process. The boat was built in Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi, and it now takes visitors to see Indonesia’s prosperous archipelago around Flores Island.

Jakare Komodo cruise sundeck

Boat size: 30 meters

Capacities: 10 adults + 2 kids


  • 2 standard cabins
  • 1 family suite cabin
  • 2 premium central cabins

There are solarium, relaxation, and yoga areas where parents can relax and breathe in the fresh sea air. While the kids are having fun with their new friends.

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Samara II Liveaboard

Samara II is another luxury Phinisi that has been specially designed to please every voyager. With a smaller size than the first Samara boat, this collection is an alternative for visiting the world-famous Komodo Island. Each boat, regardless of size, has its own unique authenticity and features.

Samara II Liveaboard labuan bajo

Boat size: 23 meters

Capacities: Up to 1o guests


  • 2 cabins (one double bed) & 2 cabins (one double & 1 single bed)

This is a Phinisi that gives you the best chance of having an unforgettable Komodo trip. During the trip, the open spaces on board will be a great place to hang out with your cruise mates.

Should You Learn A Language Before Travel?

Travelling is such a valuable activity since it can broaden your horizon and open your eyes to many more things in the world. Travelling to a totally different place from your country is also a great opportunity you should take. You will get to learn more about the diversity of culture, meet new people, and visit new places that have different beauty than what your country has. Of course, travelling to foreign country has its own challenge and one of the biggest of it is language barrier. English can only take you so much though. What if you learn a language of a place you are about to visit?

Learning a language before visiting foreign land

Many travelers thought that their basic English can take them everywhere since it is a universal language. However, there are more places where the people don’t speak English at all for various reasons. Learning a language before visiting a foreign land is actually strongly recommended. There are so many benefits you can get, such as:

It can be a form of respect and care to show the locals

By learning and speaking the language of the locals, you show that you care for the culture you are in. It also shows that you respect them and that you are eager to learn more about their culture. There is a saying that if you talk to someone with language he understand, it goes to his head. But if you talk to someone with his own language, it goes to his heart. 

Building connection rather faster with the right person

Travel is something unpredictable regardless how prepared you have been from the beginning. You might face various challenges and hurdles along the way. But when you become conversational in local language, you get in touch with the right person at the right time. Also, you get a chance to position yourself right in the middle of the culture. For example, with your ability to converse in local language, you are able to secure a place to stay with a host family instead of booking expensive hotel room or any other accommodations. 

Developing your confidence

By being able to speak in local language, you no longer have any issue with learning the culture. Will be more confident to ask more things since the locals usually even more friendlier to tourists who can speak their language. You can swim around and explore the depths of the culture instead of merely observing from afar. 

Enhanced awareness of your surroundings

When you are bilinguals you have to switch languages pretty often which makes you a more aware person. It is a skill travelers can take advantage of because awareness is essential for your own safety when travelling. An awareness of environment allows you to blend in better with the locals. You can walk confidently from stall to stall in the market while conversing with the local sellers about the products. Chance is, it will keep you away from robbery or theft.

Things To Be Mindful of When Diving in Bali

Things To Be Mindful Of When Diving In Bali

Bali is one of the most desired diving destinations in the world. From newbies to professional divers, this island is such a paradise because there are countless diving spots to explore. However, it is also important to remember that diving is not a simple activity. If you are newbie, you need guidance from professional to keep you safe. Being in the deep water can be dangerous especially if you don’t know what you are doing. And even though Bali is relatively a safe place for diving, there are things you need to be mindful of for your own safety, such as:

The unpredictable currents

If you are really new to diving, and choosing Bali as your destination, know that there are dive spots in Bali that have unpredictable currents. They serve up some of the strongest and erratic waves int he world. It is highly possible that the calm water you see can turn wild in just seconds. To keep yourself safe, you need to pay attention to the warnings on tides and currents. You also have to dive with PADI-certified operators and always follow their guidance and advice. Do not trust solely on something you read on Google, trust the experts more. 

Unreliable operators

Before making a deal with diving operator in Bali, make sure to do your research in advance. There are countless numbers of dive operators who offer cheap deals. However, do not get swayed so easily with cheap deals. Make sue to choose diving operators who use only proper and good quality dive equipment. Also choose operators that follow proper safety procedures. Make sure they are PADI-certified so you will be covered by your insurance company. 

Not catering to your abilities

Not catering to your abilities

It is fun to visit places recommended by the locals especially when they talk about dive sites that are hidden and less crowded. It’s so exciting to go for an adventurous scuba diving in Bali, isn’t it? However, always put your safety at the top of your priority. Do not go jump into the water you are unsure if it is safe or not. There are so many dive sites with clear warning and guides so you know if they are suitable with your diving skills. Diving beyond your skills will only put you in danger. 

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Dangerous, unknown creatures

Keep in mind that exploring the depth of the water may put you at risk of encountering underwater creatures that are not only beautiful but also dangerous. You may want to see colorful fish and vibrant coral reefs. However, you may also get to see other more dangerous creatures so use your common sense to stay safe. Do not poke around and always listen to the advice of the expert. 

Diving without proper gears

Going deep into the water means your body is more vulnerable to the open sea. Hence, you should not dive naked or without any proper gear. You don’t want to get stung by stonefish or sea urchins because it felt painful. Aside from risking yourself, you are also harmful to the underwater animal if you don’t wear proper diving gears.

Komodo National Park Cruise, Witness The Remarkable of A Huge Dragon

Komodo National Park cruise adventure is hard to beat when it comes to epic sailing trips. You’ll spend five nights cruising through the lush, green islands, stopping to swim in crystal-clear waters and wander along powder-soft sand beaches.

You’ll have the opportunity to see the Park’s famed inhabitants, the Komodo Dragons, in addition to beautiful sunsets and breathtaking surroundings. These lizards, which as something out of Jurassic Park, are ferocious predators and one of the world’s most fascinating creatures. All meals and non-alcoholic beverages are covered on board, as are unlimited dives, daily spa treatments, and all excursions.

Komodo National Park Cruise 2d1n

Is it possible to sail Komodo 2d1n? The 2d1n Komodo boat trip is perfect if you only have a very limited amount of time. You will spend the night on the ship with an interesting and unique sailing experience. Labuan Bajo remains a meeting point for the preparation of the Komodo National Park cruise. 

Komodo National Park Cruise 2d1n - see komodo dragon

Considering the cruise is very short, usually, the operator will take you to several main destinations such as Komodo Island, Rinca, Padar, Pink Beach, and Manta Point. The Komodo national park cruise will certainly take you to enjoy the underwater scenery and dive with manta rays. After the activity on the second day, you will head back to Labuan Bajo to end the Komodo sailing cruise.

Komodo island sailing tour 3d2n

Komodo National Park cruise 3d2n definitely takes your cruise to more destinations than 2d1n. The budget that you have to prepare will automatically be a little more expensive. You can adjust the Sailing Komodo 3d1n itinerary with the package from the ship operator. If you go with a group, you will be more flexible in preparing the itinerary according to your wishes. That is, you will take a private Komodo boat charter without joining people you do not know.

sailing trip komodo - Padar Island Valley within Komodo National Park

Some tourist destinations will be more than 2d1n cruises. Komodo Island, Rinca, pink beach, manta point you will definitely visit. For other destinations, it is possible to choose from Padar, Kanawa Island, Sebayur, and many other destination choices.

Komodo trip 4d3n

experience 3 nights live on a boat to explore the beautiful landscape of the islands, mesmerizing underwater view, close encounter with marine animals and the Komodo dragon. No matter how many days or nights your cruise trip, the meeting point still starts from Labuan Bajo.

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Komodo cruise 4d3n takes you to explore many spectacular destinations. Landing to Komodo island certainly brings you to see rare and close huge reptiles directly. Of course, you have to be guided by a local ranger to prevent dangerous things that might happen.

komodo cruise - kalong island

You may not have the opportunity to visit Kalong island during a 1-2 night cruise trip. The sunset view on the island of bats is famous and spectacular. Thousands of bats appear accompanied by sunset views which you will enjoy from the boat.

Snorkeling in Nusa Penida, Best Spot To Explore

It’s great news for snorkelers and divers, especially in Nusa Penida. You may now attempt these 5 top snorkeling spots in Nusa Penida. Bali is bordered by a slew of small, idyllic islands. Nusa Penida is one among them, and it is known for its gorgeous beaches and underwater landscapes. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts should visit Nusa Penida. There are plenty of snorkeling spots in Nusa Penida to choose from, especially for beginners. Each location has its own unique charm and personality that should not be overlooked.

5 best spot snorkeling in Nusa Penida

Besides Crystal Bay, there is also Manta Bay which is famous for its Manta Ray species. This animal is quite friendly because it tends not to attack the divers. You can even play with them and they seem to like it.

Manta Point

Manta Bay, also known as Manta Point, is located on Nusa Penida’s western coast. This Nusa Penida snorkeling spot got its name since the area is home to a variety of huge stingrays known as Manta Rays. There are certain animals that are regarded to be quite little. Larger ones, standing over a meter tall, are also available.

manta ray - Manta Point

The Manta Rays here are unusually calm. They rarely attract divers’ notice, and the animals appear to enjoy playing with them. If you prefer to snorkel, animals may be more difficult to approach. But, without a doubt, you can observe them swimming in the depths while admiring the breathtaking underwater scenery.

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is perhaps the most popular snorkeling spot in Nusa Penida, if not all of Nusa Penida. Actually, the location used to be just another beach like the rest. Many people refer to it as Crystal Bay Beach because of the crystal pure water.

Rock in the ocean at Atuh beach on Nusa Penida island, Indonesia

They also want to participate in some aquatic activities while they’re here. You can perform not just diving and snorkeling but also ride a speedboat if you follow the Nusa Penida snorkeling tour package. Even from a boat, you can view coral reefs and colorful fish.

Wall Point Nusa Penida

This water area is actually quite shallow. You can enjoy the scenery in it even without diving or snorkeling. But for sure, if you want to see them more often, you need snorkeling equipment. this area is recommended for you snorkeling beginners.

Wall Point Nusa Penida

The sea area is safe without big waves so you can play there without worrying. There are guides and instructors who are ready to help you to do this activity. Who knows, after visiting Wall Point, you will become a snorkeling expert.

Mangrove Point

Mangrove Point is actually closer to Nusa Lembongan than Nusa Penida in terms of location. Renting a speed boat is the only way to get to this location. The aquatic biodiversity of Mangrove Point is well-known. There is a variety of fish, corals, and other sea animals that you won’t find anywhere else.

Mangrove Point Nusa Penida

Furthermore, the water is crystal clear, allowing you to see what’s inside from afar. According to some tourist evaluations, snorkeling here is a lot of fun because the water is chilly but also warm. It’s quite comfortable and relaxing.

Budha Temple

It sounds a bit strange indeed, how can we snorkel at the Buddhist Temple. Well, in Nusa Penida can you? There are several Buddhist temples that are deliberately placed underwater for this tourist activity.

Budha Temple Nusa Penida

Interestingly, this attempt was successful. People love to snorkel and dive in this area not only to relax their minds but also to see the Buddhist Temples underwater. The view is amazing. So, don’t forget to prepare your underwater camera.

Travelers’ Mistakes When Booking Exclusive Villas in Bali

Travelers’ Mistakes When Booking Exclusive Villas in Bali

You have planned your visit to Bali for several months now. To prepare for this, you have done your research; picking up destinations to visit, deciding on areas to stay, and comparing between hotels and dozens of vacation rentals in several travel listings. You want everything to be perfect so you can enjoy the holiday at ease. With the presence of travel sites like AirBnB, Booking(dot)com, or Indonesian unicorn Traveloka, it has become a lot easier for travelers to find the best exclusive villas in Bali for the vacation. 

However, people make mistakes. And sometimes, a small mistake can ruin a perfectly planned vacation. So be careful and don’t do these mistakes travelers do in villas and vacation rentals in Bali. 

Booking the Exclusive Bali Villas Close to the Schedule

Travelers like to visit new places and have a great time, therefore we all prefer to postpone bookings at the right moment, resulting in surge pricing. So, always attempt to book your holiday rental property ahead of time in order to obtain the greatest discounts by speaking/texting with the host. Also, keep in mind peak seasons such as Christmas, summer vacation, and spring break. Make your reservations months in advance; you’ll be glad you did.

Skipping on Amenities List

Skipping on Amenities List

Check for basic amenities offered by the host in the Bali villas. For example, check for such as ironing boards, irons, desks/workspaces, high-speed Wifi, laundry, and air conditioning. These are some things that will help you get through the day, so keep them in mind when reserving your vacation home.

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Fail to Check the Availability of Breakfast

Some people expect complimentary breakfast when they book exclusive villas in Bali. However, they forget to check whether the villa is actually serviced or not. Some villas do, some villas completely let the guess at their own device. It’s no one’s fault. Rather, it’s a matter of preference and carefulness upon booking. 

Not Checking the Pantry Stocks

If you enjoy coffee, check sure the vacation home you are contemplating booking has a basic stock offering such as tea, coffee, sugar, salt, microwave, drinking water bottles, and so on. Again, these items are not difficult to obtain. However, it is always preferable if you are given with them. Furthermore, some of these items can be given if you expressly request them.

Booking Exclusive Bali Villas that are Too Far from Your Destinations

Booking Exclusive Bali Villas that are Too Far from Your Destinations

Some exclusive villas in Bali are extremely gorgeous; they are located in a secluded oceanfront offering utmost bliss. Some of them nestles just in the fringe of Balinese rainforest radiating a soothing ambience. While these villas seems like appearing from perfectly curated travel magazine, they might not be suitable for everyone. A secluded villa in far flung locations would be heaven for honeymoon couples or travelers seeking for solitude. However, it would be a big mistake if you wish to go to different places and explore Bali to the nooks and crannies. So, prepare a list of places you would want to see before booking, and then choose the right location which suits and makes your stay unforgettable.

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Not Being Careful to Fraud

Make sure you only book through legitimate websites rather than through solitary advertisements such as those found on Craigslist. Know that there is a significant possibility of fraudsters running the advertising and siphoning off people’s money. To avoid this, try reserving your private Bali villas through reputable services such as Airbnb, Traveloka, Expedia, and others.

Why You Should Return to Nusa Dua Resorts for Your Next Bali Holiday

There is something about returning to the same place over and over again for a holiday. Imagine life in in 18C when people have dedicated summer house where they go for holiday in every year. While this is definitely not something for the super-adventurous who always want to see different part of the world, returning to the same Nusa Dua resorts for your Bali holiday can be a good idea to try. This is why you might enjoy it. 

Why You Should Return to Nusa Dua Resorts for Your Next Bali Holiday

Coming Back to Nusa Dua Resorts that You Know Feels Like Home

Returning to a resort after a previous visit can seem like returning home. You know where the nearest restroom, the ice machine, and the concierge desk are. You’ve also figured out where the best economical eateries and food stores are.

You Have Historical Relationship with the Resort

Maybe it’s the resort that your parents took you when you were a little kid. Or the one where you got proposed by your long-term partner. Perhaps you have once seek refugee to resorts in Nusa Dua after a busy month full of tiring meetings and deadline, and since then you have asssociated the resort with ultimate peace and mental healing. Either way, you have special relationship with the resort and revisiting the place is one way to keep the memory alive. 

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Feeling Safe in the Familiarity of Nusa Dua Resorts that You Know

Feeling Safe in the Familiarity of Nusa Dua Resorts that You Know

There’s something special about returning to a place you know you’ll enjoy. If certain tourists have a wonderful experience at a location, they want to go back because they know they’ll have a nice time there again. They’ve found several activities, restaurants, and experiences that they’ll love while they’re there. If the place continues to make them happy, they will most likely return. In familiar areas, there is also comfort, safety, and less risk.

Less Stress for Travel Planning

Ever feel stressed when you choose a place to stay for your vacation? When you go somewhere new, usually you’ll need to research the area. Make a list of potential hotel, resort, or vacation rental to stay in. Read the reviews about the place. Calculate the travel time from the hotel to your destination lists. So much stress on travel planning already. Repeat visits are less stressful and time-consuming, especially if you choose the same hotel, car rental location, and so on.

Bigger Chance to Get Special Treatments as Loyal Customers

You Have Historical Relationship with the Resort

Hotels and resorts love it when you return. They usually have loyalty programs and they are happy to give something special for their most loyal customers. Hotels and resorts occasionally express it by providing you upgrades, freebies, perks, or other tiny signs of appreciation. Now, could you refuse free beverage coupons?

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Less Travel Mistakes (Especially when Travelling with Kids) 

You can’t know all you don’t know the first time you go somewhere or do something. You have no idea that the lobby contains many huge refrigerators where you may store your groceries while you wait for your room to be ready. You’re not aware of the traffic-free shortcut. You have no idea which eateries in the area are rip-offs and which are beautiful. When you’re looking for a genuine break from your regular routine and you have little children, the fewer travel surprises the better.

Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners: A Budget Dive Trip

Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners Saving Money for Dive Trip

No matter how much you love diving, you cannot deny that dive trips cost quite a little more than a regular excursion. However, you don’t have to break the bank just to enjoy magical moments that the underwater has to offer. This budget diving guide will show you how to save money and how to have a great time on your next dive scuba diving vacations for beginners on a shoestring.

Save Money at Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners

Budget Diving is the skill of saving money on a sport that is often regarded as expensive. Using the appropriate budget diving skills, virtually everyone who can afford a holiday may engage in diving activities. Diving in a budget does not imply that you will have to dive with the shoddiest gear and with a questionable dive operator with whom you are uncomfortable. It just meant to cut unnecessary spending, finding cheaper alternatives, and avoid splurging on non-essential items.

Why Beginners Should Try to Have Scuba Diving Vacations on Budget

Why Beginners Should Try to Have Scuba Diving Vacations on Budget

Despite the high costs, it is important to gather experience on a regular basis in order to become a proficient diver and learn safe diving methods. Indeed, if you haven’t dived in months, your skills may have become rusty, causing you to misjudge both your own ability and the diving circumstances. Consider this: some people haven’t scuba dived in years, and their abilities aren’t simply rusty, but completely gone. This occurs often, especially among novice divers with fewer than 20 dives.

Invest on Equipment and Dive with Your Own

Yes, the first step on saving money for dive trips in the long run is by investing on good dive equipments. Many divers like the idea of being able to travel anywhere and just hire the equipment they need to have a good time at their destination. This is usually a welcome convenience, but comforts nearly always come at a cost. When scuba equipment is rented, it is possible to have a good time for a short time, but the rental fees are lost. Owning your own gear may look expensive at first, but once a diver has everything he or she needs to dive, rental costs become obsolete. Owning your own equipment might save you money in the long run.

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Have Your Beginners Scuba Diving Vacations with Local Dive Shop

The scuba industry’s backbone is local dive shops. On a regular basis, these shops cater to the requirements of divers and promote adventures and pleasure. One of the best aspects of the diving business is that it fosters the formation of scuba families. These families are made up of individuals that travel, dive, and socialize as a group. In many cases, the local dive shop will turn into a neighborhood hangout. If a diver searches out a local dive shop and establishes a connection, the store will frequently try to provide offers, discounts, and assistance in exchange for loyalty and company promotion. So, definitely check out the local dive shop for your scuba diving vacations trip for beginners in your destinations.

Opt for Shore Diving

Diving with boat trips can be significantly pricier than shore diving. Totally logic, because the cost of dive boat quickly adds up. Try to choose more shore diving to your itinerary. The Tulamben and Amed in northern coast of Bali are recognized as a world-class shore dive and are quite cheap. Shore diving allows you to dive at nearly any time and for very little money. Shore diving allows a diver to get more dives in on a trip with minimal additional expense. To put it another way, you don’t always need a boat to be wet. Shore diving is a low-cost, enjoyable activity that can be found along nearly every beach.

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Book Cheap Flight

This goes without saying when you are trying to save money on a dive vacation. Cheaper flights usually come with multiple transits, but then again it can save you quite a lot of money. Don’t forget to book your flight far ahead of time for cheaper price.

Sleep on A Budget

When you are on a budget, you don’t need to sleep on a luxurious dive resort. Affordable accommodations are plentiful; you can even find 10 dollars hostels bed and breakfast in most dive destinations.

Well Prepared Komodo Island Tour

Well Prepared Komodo Island Tour

The large lizard whose age is very ancient can only be found on the Komodo Island Tour. The king of the monitor lizard is a very appropriate name for him. Flores has an amazing group of islands. Komodo island and Rinca island, are the biggest nests for this lizard king. Komodo dragons are predators that are two or three meters long and weigh up to a hundred kilograms. 

This wild animal uses the tongue as a sense of smell. The tongue picks up the scent and places it on the roof of the mouth to analyze the scent. The king lizard can detect raw meat with its saliva as far as four to nine kilometers. This world beloved carnivore can run at a speed of twenty kilometers per hour. Also diving and swimming to a depth of four point five meters. Another weapon is Komodo which is known for its very poisonous saliva. The lizard king is very sensitive to the smell of blood.

Bow Down To The King of Komodo Island Tour!

Tourists who come visit need to pay attention to this, especially women who are menstruating. Since the lizard king is very sensitive to the smell of blood, it will also lurk, and the source will be considered its prey.

The matter of safety and comfort exploring Rinca island and Komodo island is a priority. The tips below are very good for you to read and share this information for those who will do the Komodo Island Tour.

  • Use Perfume

A crew member and a tour officer once suggested using full-body perfume. To disguise the smell of blood so as not to be too conspicuous by the lizard king. Because if not, even if the sensitive parts are covered with pads and pants, the lizard king can still sniff you. 

  • Walk near the ranger

Each group that is present on the Labuan bajo Tour must use a Komodo ranger or handler. Thei job is to accompany and look after the tourists. Also explained about the existence of the lizard king. Rangers will always carry a stick with a Y-shaped. As a branch to stop the movement of the Komodo dragon, which is suspended on the neck of the lizard king. 

  • Sanitary hygiene

You should change your pads before getting off the Komodo Island Tour, but don’t throw away the used ones, darling. Even though it’s only been a few moments before it has been replaced because you will face different situations.

It is also very important to pay attention to the back of the pants, whether there is a leak or not. But not only that, actually for those who are injured any part of the body must be covered. So, don’t let tourism see Komodo turn into a lizard king hunting the tourists.  

  • Obey very rule

Once you get there, you will find your choice of adventure distance. Short tracks, medium tracks, and long tracks. Those who are menstruating will be advised to take a short track. Because of the medium track and long track, there are most of these beasts. Therefore you have to obey the rules that exist on Rinca island or every island on the Komodo Trip. 

Be careful when you see Komodo dragons, keep your visibility. If you want to take pictures with the lizard king make sure you are in a safe place. Also later you are advised not to sound anything, if necessary you airplane your cell phone. Because certain sounds can disturb the lizard king and make Komodo Island Tour.

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