Wooden House Private Pool, An Holiday Experience In Bali


Looking for a place with a tropical climate like Bali is the perfect escape destination. Bali is not only famous for the island of a thousand temples, but also for the island of a thousand villas. Villas with modern concepts to wooden houses are the right choice for relaxation.

Wooden House Private Pool, An Holiday Experience In Bali

Wooden house with private pool

Not only synonymous with natural and warm nuances, but a simple beautiful wooden house can also give the impression of luxury and expensiveness. Wooden houses can also create a beautiful feel so that they are suitable for adoption in homes in tropical climates.

Bali does offer villas with various concepts. It might look really scary. Will your villa with a wooden house concept be comfortable and safe to live in? Bali contractors are getting better at building wooden construction combined with elements of other materials such as making glass windows, glass doors, or concrete. With the right techniques and designs, wooden houses can look modern, and minimalist, and have an urban style that fits life today. 

The advantages of a wooden house as your vacation villa

Energy saving

Choosing a wooden house, for villa owners, will save a lot of energy when compared to houses made of stone, concrete, or brick. In addition to being a good temperature insulator, wooden houses also work very well at absorbing sound. So, the wooden house will feel warmer, quieter, and suitable for relaxation during your vacation.

Environmentally friendly

With natural base materials, wooden houses are one of the most environmentally friendly home products compared to other non-natural building materials. In addition, the wooden structure also actively helps the absorption and storage of carbon dioxide in the environment around the wooden house.

Sturdy and Strong

Despite having a light weight, wooden houses still have a very strong durability. A wooden house made of high-quality materials will have a usability that is not inferior to a house made of brick or concrete.

Villa with a wooden house concept offers an extraordinary attraction for foreign tourists. No wonder many Bali construction companies under foreign owners carry the concept of a modern wooden house. Villa with a wooden house concept and private swimming pool facilities are comfortable for you. The demand for modern concept villas or houses in Bali is very high. Not a few tourists and foreign workers who stay in Bali for a long time even decide Bali as a second home.