Things That Can Destroy Your Brand


Providing impressive products and services must be the goal of every business. It is what leads to profit for the business indeed. The problem is, there are other factors outside products and services that can cause problems in your attempt for achieving success. It is the relationships between brand and consumers. Just like any other relationship, it should be nurtured constantly to last long. Problems will arise inevitably because your brand will not always be perfect. The key is how to solve the problems and responds to what consumers need and demand appropriately. 

Angry couple claiming and shouting to an office worker

Excellent customer service is vital

The key for long lasting relationship between brand and consumers is customer service delivery. When your brand is able to deliver excellent customer service, it is highly likely for consumers to stay loyal to your brand. They know that you will always have their back even if you have problems to solve. Therefore, a problem in maintaining solid good customer service can be the cause of your pitfalls, ruining your brand and its online presence as well. 

Things that ruin your brand and its reputation

There are things that can ruin your brand and its online presence. Most of them are linked strongly to your customer service, such as:

Broken products or services needing constant customer service assistance

If your products or services need customer service assistance constantly, there might be bigger problems you need to find. It is probably something is broke, or that the instruction is not clear enough. It is also probably because consumers don’t expect what they are receiving. Make sure to evaluate your products and services while giving solution to your consumers. Avoid giving vague responses and don’t aggravate your consumers even more. Assist your consumers to properly learn what your company offers.

Poor employee training

Your employees, especially those who are in customer service departments are like the face of the company. They are the ones who constantly interact with consumers. Improper training to the employees will lead to customer service disaster, ruining the reputation of your brand. Hence, make sure to properly train your employees on how to deliver excellent customer service. If your employees don’t understand the use of social media, train them until they are skilled. Or, choose more experienced employees who understand it better for efficiency. 

Using no strategy in managing social media

Social media is a platform that is considered to be one of the most effective to boost a business and brand’s reputation. However, social media is like a double-edged sword. It can make or break your brand’s online reputation if not handled well. Hence, make sure to use social media with the right strategies. 

Appoint someone who understand well how social media works. Make sure that you always know what is happening around your brand and the world outside of it before trying out new strategies. A careless error will be imprinted in social media history so be mindful when managing your brand’s social media handle. Use social media to boost your brand’s reputation and increase networks.