Tour Komodo Labuan Bajo, A Practical Way To Enjoy Flores 


In contrast to tourist destinations that have interesting places for city tours, Labuan Bajo has the unique waters of the Flores Sea. Live onboard and island hopping are the most attractive tourist attractions in this place. Travelers can visit small islands. Tour Komodo Labuan Bajo brings you to enjoy the blue sky, trekking up the hill to enjoy the natural beauty from a height. Diving and snorkeling activities are a mainstay to enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater world whose water is clear like glass. To get these ships, we can find them at the pier not far from Labuan Bajo Harbor, where the ferry docks.

How to get Tour Komodo Labuan Bajo boat?Tour Komodo Labuan Bajo

You can rent a boat that is widely available at the Labuan Bajo Harbor pier, or book in advance to ensure that the ship we want is available when we arrive. Taking a Komodo cruise Labuan Bajo is the only way to see everything that lies between Flores and Komodo. Cruise in a modern take on the Indonesian Phinisi for a more authentic sailing experience. Let’s check the Komodo liveaboard to explore Flores. 

Magia 2 Liveaboard

Magia 2 is a work of art that combines traditional Phinisi architecture with foreign architecture. A yacht made entirely of the finest teak wood and decorated with the French wallpaper and Italian lamps will undoubtedly spoil everyone who wishes to join the voyage. Come aboard to see the wonders of this luxurious yacht and prepare to be enchanted by its enchanting atmosphere.

magia 2 liveaboard

Boat size: 25 meters

Capacities: 10 guests


  • 1 master cabin
  • 2 guest cabin
  • 1 VIP cabin

If you enjoy water sports, Magia 2 offers a wide range of gear and equipment for popular activities such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and many more. It is available to all guests at no additional cost. In terms of diving, a professional trainer is present to guide both novice and experienced divers.

Jakare Komodo cruise

The high-end boat has enough space for 10-14 people to enjoy the cruise trip. It is a family-friendly boat that is ideal for your children’s first sailing adventure. Jakare boat represents the state of the sailing art after a two-year construction process. The boat was built in Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi, and it now takes visitors to see Indonesia’s prosperous archipelago around Flores Island.

Jakare Komodo cruise sundeck

Boat size: 30 meters

Capacities: 10 adults + 2 kids


  • 2 standard cabins
  • 1 family suite cabin
  • 2 premium central cabins

There are solarium, relaxation, and yoga areas where parents can relax and breathe in the fresh sea air. While the kids are having fun with their new friends.

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Samara II Liveaboard

Samara II is another luxury Phinisi that has been specially designed to please every voyager. With a smaller size than the first Samara boat, this collection is an alternative for visiting the world-famous Komodo Island. Each boat, regardless of size, has its own unique authenticity and features.

Samara II Liveaboard labuan bajo

Boat size: 23 meters

Capacities: Up to 1o guests


  • 2 cabins (one double bed) & 2 cabins (one double & 1 single bed)

This is a Phinisi that gives you the best chance of having an unforgettable Komodo trip. During the trip, the open spaces on board will be a great place to hang out with your cruise mates.