Komodo National Park Cruise, Witness The Remarkable of A Huge Dragon


Komodo National Park cruise adventure is hard to beat when it comes to epic sailing trips. You’ll spend five nights cruising through the lush, green islands, stopping to swim in crystal-clear waters and wander along powder-soft sand beaches.

You’ll have the opportunity to see the Park’s famed inhabitants, the Komodo Dragons, in addition to beautiful sunsets and breathtaking surroundings. These lizards, which as something out of Jurassic Park, are ferocious predators and one of the world’s most fascinating creatures. All meals and non-alcoholic beverages are covered on board, as are unlimited dives, daily spa treatments, and all excursions.

Komodo National Park Cruise 2d1n

Is it possible to sail Komodo 2d1n? The 2d1n Komodo boat trip is perfect if you only have a very limited amount of time. You will spend the night on the ship with an interesting and unique sailing experience. Labuan Bajo remains a meeting point for the preparation of the Komodo National Park cruise. 

Komodo National Park Cruise 2d1n - see komodo dragon

Considering the cruise is very short, usually, the operator will take you to several main destinations such as Komodo Island, Rinca, Padar, Pink Beach, and Manta Point. The Komodo national park cruise will certainly take you to enjoy the underwater scenery and dive with manta rays. After the activity on the second day, you will head back to Labuan Bajo to end the Komodo sailing cruise.

Komodo island sailing tour 3d2n

Komodo National Park cruise 3d2n definitely takes your cruise to more destinations than 2d1n. The budget that you have to prepare will automatically be a little more expensive. You can adjust the Sailing Komodo 3d1n itinerary with the package from the ship operator. If you go with a group, you will be more flexible in preparing the itinerary according to your wishes. That is, you will take a private Komodo boat charter without joining people you do not know.

sailing trip komodo - Padar Island Valley within Komodo National Park

Some tourist destinations will be more than 2d1n cruises. Komodo Island, Rinca, pink beach, manta point you will definitely visit. For other destinations, it is possible to choose from Padar, Kanawa Island, Sebayur, and many other destination choices.

Komodo trip 4d3n

experience 3 nights live on a boat to explore the beautiful landscape of the islands, mesmerizing underwater view, close encounter with marine animals and the Komodo dragon. No matter how many days or nights your cruise trip, the meeting point still starts from Labuan Bajo.

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Komodo cruise 4d3n takes you to explore many spectacular destinations. Landing to Komodo island certainly brings you to see rare and close huge reptiles directly. Of course, you have to be guided by a local ranger to prevent dangerous things that might happen.

komodo cruise - kalong island

You may not have the opportunity to visit Kalong island during a 1-2 night cruise trip. The sunset view on the island of bats is famous and spectacular. Thousands of bats appear accompanied by sunset views which you will enjoy from the boat.