Private Labuan Bajo Tour During Pandemic


Labuan Bajo is included as a super-priority destination in Indonesia, of course, it is ready to open tourist visits, especially during the pandemic. Readiness to implement standard health protocols is mandatory for all tourists, whether sharing or private Labuan Bajo tour. Ideally, the Labuan Bajo cruise takes you to explore many large islands, small islands, including diving and snorkeling activities.

Private Labuan Bajo Tour During Pandemic

How to do Labuan Bajo Tour during Pandemic?

Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park, two major tourist attractions in East Nusa Tenggara, have welcomed foreign and local visitors under rigorous health procedures.

Those interested in visiting the two locations should follow the actions outlined below to ensure their safety and comfort throughout their visit. Many people question whether it is possible to do a Labuan Bajo trip in the middle of a pandemic? Of course, you have to pay attention to certain procedures to be able to explore Labuan Bajo, the National Park, and surrounding areas.

Online registration

Visitors must register online before entering Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park. Providing their name, identity card or passport number, medical certificate, and the insurance company. They must also identify which attractions they wish to see as well as their preferred mode of transportation.

Komodo National Park visitors must travel with one of the tour providers mentioned on the website. Based on information from the Hello Flores team, tourists must also prepare documents as a condition for the Labuan Bajo tour.

Travel documents

Aside from online registration, visitors to Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park must bring certain documents with them. A negative COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test or quick test result, as well as identity cards, are the papers.

Health protocols is a must

Visitors must wear face masks, practice physical distance, bring hand sanitizer, and wash their hands frequently during their visit.

Limited capacities

In the second phase, the mainland resorts of Loh Buaya, Loh Liang, and Padar Selatan, as well as the maritime tourism destinations of Batu Bolong, Karang Makassar, Mauwan, and Siaba Besar, have reopened.

The number of daily visitors to each mainland site is limited. For example, the Loh Buaya resort can only accept 75 people, the Loh Liang resort can only handle 250 people, and the Padar Selatan resort can only take 60 people per day.

To avoid the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, the number of boats allowed at the maritime tourism areas has been regulated. Batu Bolong can only accommodate eight boats per day, Karang Makassar can accommodate 32 boats, while Mauwan and Siaba Besar can accommodate 20 boats per day.

Private tour Labuan Bajo

Private tour Labuan Bajo

The best way to travel during the pandemic is with a private Labuan Bajo tour. You will sail with people you know well, and minimize the spread of covid 19. The budget you prepare will certainly be a little expensive compare to sharing costs but security and safety are the most important. The Labuan Bajo private boat operator ensures that all ship crews and captains have passed all health procedures and kept the facilities safe from the covid 19 virus. Your Labuan Bajo cruise vacation will be fun, more private, safe and you can master all the facilities without having to share with people you don’t know.