The Idea Of Taking Personal Loans To Fund Your Business

The Idea Of Taking Personal Loans To Fund Your Business

One of the most challenging things about running your own business is finding the right funding. It is because insufficient funding is a roadblock to success. Many entrepreneurs decide to get a loan to fund their business especially during the initial stage. It is a decision with its own risk regardless how common it is in business world. What about personal loan? Is it safe to take out personal loans to fund your business?

Using personal loans to fund your business

It is possible that you use personal loans to fund your business especially if you have a clear path and understand the risks. If compared to business loan, personal business loan has higher risks. However, personal loan is easier to get without too many requirements involved. Some small business owners decide to take personal loans when they are unable to obtain business loan. 

Finding the right lenders

Be more selective and careful with the choice of lenders. You can get personal business loan from banks, credit union, or online lenders. Or, you can also get it from a loan marketplace or crowdfunding website. Many of these lenders provide online applications that only take few minutes to complete. Be mindful in choosing the lender and consider many factors before choosing one such as fixed interest rates, fixed loan terms, etc. 

Finding the right lenders

Personal business loan is easy to get

One of the most common reasons many small business owners use personal loan to fund their business is because it is easier to get. The lenders only look at your personal credit score, income, as well as debt-to-income ratio. They don’t pay attention to the business you are doing. They don’t even need to know your intention with the money. If you are credit-worthy, you will be approved. This is different from how business loan works. The health of the business is the main thing the lenders pay attention to. 

Lower interest rates

Another good thing about personal loan is lower interest rates compared to business loan. If you have high credit score, a personal loan can be a cheaper solution for your financial problems. Meanwhile, the terms of business loans always revolves around your personal credit score and your business’s financial health. It will be harder to get business loan if you have struggled in the past. 

Flexible use of personal loans

Personal loan is also more flexible in term of use. The lenders don’t care much about what the money you are going to use for. As long as you can pay it back, then the rest don’t matter. Most lenders don’t have tight restriction with the money use. Hence, you have the freedom to do everything you need with the money. 

However, be mindful of the risks of taking personal loans as well. For example, taking personal loan means you already mix business with personal life. The loans maximums are also lower. Not to mention that you need a personal guarantee which means putting your asset at risk. 

Selling Your Private Villa in Bali

Selling Your Private Villa in Bali

If you’ve been in vacation rental industry for quite a time, you will know how vacation rental platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, or Homeaway has revolutionized the way we travel and now invest in the previous ten years. With between fifteen and twenty thousand villa postings in Bali alone, the short-term rental market has become extremely competitive. Though vacation homes are good investment, it does need dedicated time and energy to keep the property fully booked. Some people probably just cannot keep up with that—and decided to sell their private villa in Bali. If you plan to sell your villa, here are things to keep in mind to ensure you get the best result. 

Take professional, high-quality photos

Take professional, high-quality photos

When potential buyers view high-quality, distinctive photographs, they are considerably more likely to exhibit interest in your private Bali villa. It’s best to hire a professional photographer to take compelling photo that engage potential buyers. The top photographers will gladly talk to you about your brief, offer advise, and, in the end, capture the photos that will attract the ideal buyers to your property. While taking your own images is great for Airbnb as a platform, professional photography is required when selling and can make a significant difference in the value customers perceive and hence the amount they will pay.

Consider putting your furniture up for sale as well

You can sell the current furnishings to the buyer as part of the home transaction if you wish. When the new owner lists their Bali house on Airbnb under their own name, they can use the exact setup and photos you used. While some customers may wish to rearrange items to suit their own tastes, others may embrace the opportunity of saving costs on furniture.

Clean up your villa

Clean up your villa

Tidy up your private villa Bali. Vacuum the carpets inside and do any small repairs, such as repairing broken hinges and replacing damaged tiles. Try to make it appear as good as it did when you first bought the house. Buyers want a blank slate to visualize how their own items will look in the property, so paint the walls white or another neutral hue. Take some time to clean up the outside of the house as well.

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Use reviews from past guests

Great evaluations have the same impact on people that great photographs do on people. And, because over 7% of complaints are related to guests having trouble checking in, receiving insufficient support, or feeling betrayed by the host, you’ll have a lot more positive reviews of your property that are directly relevant to your potential purchasers.

Gather your finest Airbnb reviews, especially ones that mention your home, and include them into your promotion. Reviews can validate the value and potential of a Bali property in the same way that guests validate the value and potential of a villa rental.

Work with local agent

Work with local agent

Work with a real estate agent to sell your private house in Bali. They should be not just a real estate agent; but people who specializes in holiday homes and property sales. Your real estate agent should be aware that selling a vacation home differs from selling any other type of property, and should be well-versed in the area.

Sell in the busiest period of the year

Determine the busiest season in the community where your vacation home is located. During the peak season, when buyers are hunting for homes in the region, list the property. Summer is, in most circumstances, the busiest season. Selling during the busy season means you’ll face more competition, but you’ll have a better chance of selling faster and for more money due to the higher buyer-to-seller ratio.

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Arrange pricing strategy

Price the home in comparison to similar villa for sale in Bali. Your real estate agent will have information about this. Look for houses that sold with the same amenities as your three-bedroom property with an upgraded kitchen. Look for any tiny variances that make a difference, such as the amount of bathrooms.

Share your contacts of house helpers and more

Be courteous. Share your contact information, as well as any contracts you have for services such as handymen, cleaning, and housekeeping supplies. Many purchasers would appreciate not having to go out of their way to acquire new assistants and being able to leverage your existing relationships with them.

What Digitizing Important Documents Can Do To Your Business

Running business in today’s fat changing world needs more efficiency. You no longer need to work harder but work smarter. It means, you utilize the right tools to help complete the job faster and better. And one of the approaches you can do for more efficient business operation is digitizing important documents. 

Fully digitizing your business documents

There are various forms of digital documents such as CSS< Javascript, HTML, etc. In the past, we handled documents by typing, printing, and storing the papers in file cabinet in a room. Today, most of us create and store documents digitally using digital devices and tools. There are many reasons why digitizing documents are beneficial for your business, such as:

Keeps up with the fast changing world

By digitizing your business document, it is easier for your business to keep up with the fast-changing world where everything is digitized in a way. Today’s world has become more and more focused on digital solutions. More people like to store their documents on online space wince it is easier to access or show to everyone they want to share with. 

Saves time

Digitizing business documents saves time because it can be automatically generated and distributed. Hence, your business will be more agile to manpower. Digital document can also be sued for further your core business. It can be a great resource for innovation as well as establishing new partnerships. It is easier to share or send digital documents in just few minutes or even seconds. It makes your business operation goes smoothly and efficiently. 

Low risk of being lost or destroyed

By digitizing important documents, your business can avoid the risk of losing resource because it can be safely stored on digital space. Not to mention that it is very hard to destroy digital documents. Even if you accidentally delete the file, there is always way to trace the document and restore it. Meanwhile, physical documents have so many risks such as stolen while you have no copies of the files ready. Or, it has higher risk of being damaged even due to natural circumstances. 

Get creative with the design

Digitizing documents allows you to put more creative thoughts into it. You can create more interesting design for document you make. You can personalized and customized as you want with the document. It is a great opportunity to make your business standout from your competitors. It helps you to build your own branding and image. Anything you can do on a website, you can do with digital documents. 

Generate traffic and statistics

Traffic and statistics can be generated through digital resources. Your documents contains valuable business data you can share on any digital platforms. As the result, your business traffic will be generated and the statistics will go up. You can also track how many people view and share your digital documents for better monitoring of your progress. Digital documents are great resources to improve marketing initiatives and overall business strategies while matching today’s and tomorrow’s demands.

Komodo National Park Cruise, Witness The Remarkable of A Huge Dragon

Komodo National Park cruise adventure is hard to beat when it comes to epic sailing trips. You’ll spend five nights cruising through the lush, green islands, stopping to swim in crystal-clear waters and wander along powder-soft sand beaches.

You’ll have the opportunity to see the Park’s famed inhabitants, the Komodo Dragons, in addition to beautiful sunsets and breathtaking surroundings. These lizards, which as something out of Jurassic Park, are ferocious predators and one of the world’s most fascinating creatures. All meals and non-alcoholic beverages are covered on board, as are unlimited dives, daily spa treatments, and all excursions.

Komodo National Park Cruise 2d1n

Is it possible to sail Komodo 2d1n? The 2d1n Komodo boat trip is perfect if you only have a very limited amount of time. You will spend the night on the ship with an interesting and unique sailing experience. Labuan Bajo remains a meeting point for the preparation of the Komodo National Park cruise. 

Komodo National Park Cruise 2d1n - see komodo dragon

Considering the cruise is very short, usually, the operator will take you to several main destinations such as Komodo Island, Rinca, Padar, Pink Beach, and Manta Point. The Komodo national park cruise will certainly take you to enjoy the underwater scenery and dive with manta rays. After the activity on the second day, you will head back to Labuan Bajo to end the Komodo sailing cruise.

Komodo island sailing tour 3d2n

Komodo National Park cruise 3d2n definitely takes your cruise to more destinations than 2d1n. The budget that you have to prepare will automatically be a little more expensive. You can adjust the Sailing Komodo 3d1n itinerary with the package from the ship operator. If you go with a group, you will be more flexible in preparing the itinerary according to your wishes. That is, you will take a private Komodo boat charter without joining people you do not know.

sailing trip komodo - Padar Island Valley within Komodo National Park

Some tourist destinations will be more than 2d1n cruises. Komodo Island, Rinca, pink beach, manta point you will definitely visit. For other destinations, it is possible to choose from Padar, Kanawa Island, Sebayur, and many other destination choices.

Komodo trip 4d3n

experience 3 nights live on a boat to explore the beautiful landscape of the islands, mesmerizing underwater view, close encounter with marine animals and the Komodo dragon. No matter how many days or nights your cruise trip, the meeting point still starts from Labuan Bajo.

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Komodo cruise 4d3n takes you to explore many spectacular destinations. Landing to Komodo island certainly brings you to see rare and close huge reptiles directly. Of course, you have to be guided by a local ranger to prevent dangerous things that might happen.

komodo cruise - kalong island

You may not have the opportunity to visit Kalong island during a 1-2 night cruise trip. The sunset view on the island of bats is famous and spectacular. Thousands of bats appear accompanied by sunset views which you will enjoy from the boat.

The Elements Your Business Need To Pivot Successfully

The Elements Your Business Need To Pivot Successfully

To ensure survival, your business might need to pivot according to the situations needed. The real example has been the global pandemic, covid-19. It has driven so many businesses to make major changes in order to survive the unexpected waves. However, it is not always easy to make changes or pivot because there are things to consider beforehand. There are many parties affected when you decide to pivot such as your employees, customers, and the overall bottom line. 

Assessing important elements before pivoting

If pivoting is the only thing your business can do to survive, you need to make sure that the important elements are included into considerations. The changes will only affected positively to every important aspects in your business. And here are the important elements you need to take into consideration for successful business pivot:

Consider a pre-mortem analysis

Planning on pivoting, you may need to consider a pre-mortem analysis. It is important in order to optimize the chances of success that you aim. You will have to imagine the new plan being failed then working backward to determine all possible causes of failures. Then, determine strategies to avoid or minimize the points of those failures. This is like a visual imagining so that you can actually be prepared with all possible scenarios, especially the worst ones. 

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Build excitement and anticipation

Build excitement and anticipation

Many big companies treat their changes as confidential things. Hence, it is not something to be disclosed too easily to the public eye. However, you can try the opposite. You can make it confidential but give a sneak peak to build the excitement and anticipation especially for those who participate in the changes. It may help them perceive changes in more positive lights so they can manage changes more easily upon reveal. 

Build stronger team

One of the most important keys for successful pivot of your business is a strong team. Regardless of the changes that need to be made, it won’t affect badly if your team are always in a ready mode. It means, they are ready to navigate their way through the changes being made. If you already have a solid team, strengthen them so they stay inspired and dedicated throughout the journey of your business reaching success. 

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Establish effective communication

Communication is essential when your business needs to pivot. There are goals, plans, strategies, and expectations set when it comes to pivoting. By establishing effective communication, every aspects are clear and easy to understand by everyone. Effective communication also means addressing your team members and allowing them to grow with the ideas of changes. Make changes something that are exciting rather than intimidating. 

Build transparency

Effective communication also comes with transparency. Making changes in your organization, your team and overall employees may have various questions. Instead of shutting them off, be transparent with the information you provide for them. Keep them involved in every plan you make for the changes while also listening to their ideas. They are part of your business so they should be part of every process as well. 

Debunking 10 Myths of Putting Up Villa Rental Property in Bali

Debunking 10 Myths of Putting Up Villa Rental Property in Bali

Many people dreams of owning some nice holiday villas in Bali and put them out for rent in times when they are not using the houses. However, not all villa owners are ready to jump to vacation rental industry because of rumours and misguided myths. After all, if you think about it for a few seconds, you can imagine a slew of horrors that could befall your favorite retreat if you rent it out to strangers. 

Many holiday house owners have misunderstandings about the ins and outs of vacation rental. So, if you’re considering about putting up a vacation house rental in Bali, you’ll have to figure out what’s true and what’s not. Let’s separate fact from fiction.

Your House Will Get Destroyed by Unknown Guests

Many homeowners are naturally hesitant to rent out their Bali villas for the first time. One of the main fears is that the visitors will not clean up after themselves. However, instances in which paying guests devastate a home are uncommon. In truth, the vast majority of situations go off without a hitch. The worst that usually happens is that the house becomes a little dirtier than you’d want, which takes longer to clean. A completely demolished home with damaged belongings, on the other hand, is uncommon. Consider investing in specialized storage and shipping containers to store any of your more precious and/or larger items if you want to be extra cautious. If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, this could be a great option.

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Listing Your Bali Property for Rent in OTA is Free

Listing Your Bali Villas for Rent in OTA is Free

Both Airbnb and VRBO, two of the most popular rental platforms, charge fees for listing properties. VRBO charges $349 annually, or 10% on each booking transaction if you don’t use it very often, while Airbnb charges 3% for each reservation. Keep these fees in mind and account for them as you decide on your pricing. You should also factor up the time it will take to clean the property after your visitors have gone, especially if you hired a cleaning service. Furthermore, you can add an optional cleaning fee to the cost of the reservation on Airbnb, which most owners do.

Your Regular Homeowner Insurance is Enough for the House

This is tightly related to the point above. However, not many owners of villa rentals in Bali are aware of the importance of vacation rental insurance. 

Be sure to put your house in insurance and, specifically, vacation rental insurance. Because it considers your property to be a company, vacation rental insurance protects it. It offers money in the event of a natural calamity, for example, because your primary source of income has been depleted. Furthermore, many typical insurance policies contain stipulations that nullify the contract if something goes wrong while someone else is renting your property.

In addition to that, platforms like Airbnb give their own guarantees. They also check each Airbnb guest’s history, ensuring that everyone who rents property through the site does so responsibly and is held accountable. 

Having Bali Villas for Rent Give You A Source of Passive Income.

If you talk to anyone who leases out their home, you’ll quickly hear that, while it might be a good side hustle for extra cash—and in some situations, can even pay you more than being a regular landlord—not it’s a passive income. As a host, you must always strive to be the best host you can be. This includes connecting with guests prior to, during, and after their arrival; prepping the space; and curating a fantastic vacation rental experience for each visitor, regardless of their stay length.

The Rents from Property in Bali Doesn’t Pay Off the Initial Purchase

The Rents from Property in Bali Doesn’t Pay Off the Initial Purchase

Fears develop as a result of the initial cost of purchasing a new holiday villa rentals in Bali or upgrading an existing house for vacation rental, the present level of competitiveness, and the chance of having disruptive visitors. With these worries comes the idea that “it’s not worth a shot.” The point is that if your vacation rental business is successful, your profits will be substantially bigger than if you were renting a property for a long period of time. Although some owners become in debt as a result of not receiving as many bookings as expected or troubles encountered along the route. That is why it is critical to have everything planned out ahead of time, to ensure that you can afford such an investment, and to devote time to the business.

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You Need to Live Nearby to Manage Your Bali Villa Rentals

With internet and communication technology we have now, this statement is completely irrelevant. Thousands of chalet owners rent their properties from afar. Finding a dependable housekeeper or caretaker in the neighborhood is crucial, or you can hire a property management business.

Overcoming Difficulties in Relationships During Pandemic

Pandemic is not something pleasant to happen because it cause many struggles and difficulties for people. Not only did it affect the global economy, it has also affected people engaging on social interactions. Many people experience difficulties in their relationships during the pandemic whether or not it is directly related to the pandemic itself. 

How to overcome struggles in relationship during pandemic

There are many types of struggles people have experienced from the pandemic. For example, some people lost their family to covid-19, lost the job, or struggle to connect with other people in general. The pandemic has caused more problems and stress to everyone’s life. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot overcome them. 

Different views of the pandemic

In this pandemic, there are two particular sides, they are the people who believe the pandemic is real and the people who don’t. You might have encounters people even in your circle who share different views on this. For others, it is treated just like different opinion but for some others, this kind of different has caused major clash. 

Of course, everyone has the right to choose what they want to believe and be respectful toward each other. Differences in opinion or views should not affect relationships. Instead, we can empathize with each other even if they don’t share the same opinions. Avoid being judgmental regardless of the topic that cause differences. 

Spread more love

To overcome differences, difficulties, and struggles caused and during the pandemic, it is important to look back at our nature, which is to spread love. Keep in mind that the your friends and families are part of your life and they are the ones you choose to love. Hence, try to spread more love and be more understanding. Try to stay in touch even through virtual contacts and do it regularly to avoid keeping more distance. 

Manage stress 

Sometimes, you are in relationship struggles because of your own stress. Hence, it is important to look for the cause of it and manage it consciously. You can manage stress by engaging in new hobby, trying physical activities, or practicing meditation. These activities can help prevent you from blowing off on loved ones. Taking out your stress or anger to the people closest to you will only make you feel guiltier, and cause more stress. 

Build open communication

Communication is the key in successful relationship, be it with friends, families, employers, etc. Open communication allows you to talk about the things that bother you or negative feelings towards the others and vice versa. As soon as you feel negative energy in your relationship, let it out through open, honest communication. Hence, there is no room for it to grow into negative feelings that affect your relationship. 

Supporting each other

In the times of difficulty like this pandemic, there are many factors that drive you apart from the people you love. To be able to overcome the situation, it is important to support each other unconditionally. This way, the bond in relationship will grow stronger instead.

Snorkeling in Nusa Penida, Best Spot To Explore

It’s great news for snorkelers and divers, especially in Nusa Penida. You may now attempt these 5 top snorkeling spots in Nusa Penida. Bali is bordered by a slew of small, idyllic islands. Nusa Penida is one among them, and it is known for its gorgeous beaches and underwater landscapes. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts should visit Nusa Penida. There are plenty of snorkeling spots in Nusa Penida to choose from, especially for beginners. Each location has its own unique charm and personality that should not be overlooked.

5 best spot snorkeling in Nusa Penida

Besides Crystal Bay, there is also Manta Bay which is famous for its Manta Ray species. This animal is quite friendly because it tends not to attack the divers. You can even play with them and they seem to like it.

Manta Point

Manta Bay, also known as Manta Point, is located on Nusa Penida’s western coast. This Nusa Penida snorkeling spot got its name since the area is home to a variety of huge stingrays known as Manta Rays. There are certain animals that are regarded to be quite little. Larger ones, standing over a meter tall, are also available.

manta ray - Manta Point

The Manta Rays here are unusually calm. They rarely attract divers’ notice, and the animals appear to enjoy playing with them. If you prefer to snorkel, animals may be more difficult to approach. But, without a doubt, you can observe them swimming in the depths while admiring the breathtaking underwater scenery.

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is perhaps the most popular snorkeling spot in Nusa Penida, if not all of Nusa Penida. Actually, the location used to be just another beach like the rest. Many people refer to it as Crystal Bay Beach because of the crystal pure water.

Rock in the ocean at Atuh beach on Nusa Penida island, Indonesia

They also want to participate in some aquatic activities while they’re here. You can perform not just diving and snorkeling but also ride a speedboat if you follow the Nusa Penida snorkeling tour package. Even from a boat, you can view coral reefs and colorful fish.

Wall Point Nusa Penida

This water area is actually quite shallow. You can enjoy the scenery in it even without diving or snorkeling. But for sure, if you want to see them more often, you need snorkeling equipment. this area is recommended for you snorkeling beginners.

Wall Point Nusa Penida

The sea area is safe without big waves so you can play there without worrying. There are guides and instructors who are ready to help you to do this activity. Who knows, after visiting Wall Point, you will become a snorkeling expert.

Mangrove Point

Mangrove Point is actually closer to Nusa Lembongan than Nusa Penida in terms of location. Renting a speed boat is the only way to get to this location. The aquatic biodiversity of Mangrove Point is well-known. There is a variety of fish, corals, and other sea animals that you won’t find anywhere else.

Mangrove Point Nusa Penida

Furthermore, the water is crystal clear, allowing you to see what’s inside from afar. According to some tourist evaluations, snorkeling here is a lot of fun because the water is chilly but also warm. It’s quite comfortable and relaxing.

Budha Temple

It sounds a bit strange indeed, how can we snorkel at the Buddhist Temple. Well, in Nusa Penida can you? There are several Buddhist temples that are deliberately placed underwater for this tourist activity.

Budha Temple Nusa Penida

Interestingly, this attempt was successful. People love to snorkel and dive in this area not only to relax their minds but also to see the Buddhist Temples underwater. The view is amazing. So, don’t forget to prepare your underwater camera.

Can You Build Powerful Team With Less Expensive Cost?

Can You Build Powerful Team With Less Expensive Cost

You can start your business with the goal to reach success and gain financial freedom. However, it is not something you can do it on your own no matter how passionate you are about it. Also, there are many parts of running business where you need more hands. Hence, it is essential to build a team that is reliable and powerful. With a solid team, you will be able to work together to reach your goals since you have different skills expertise needed to make it true. But what if you don’t have that million dollars to hire the best talents?

Building high quality team with limited budget

It is possible for you to build a high quality team even with such limited budget as long as you know how to it right. And here are several tips for you to go through hiring process more smoothly:

Be clear with your purpose

It is important to share your purposes clearly in all your marketing materials and job descriptions to attract candidate who share the same passion as you. It is more interesting for candidate to join a cause that makes themselves feel proud. Therefore, share your purpose to show your passion about what you are doing with your business. Only candidates who share the same passion to the cause, your mission, and vision who will help you build your business. 

Consider trusted freelancers and contractors

You may try to reach out as many talents as possible through various platforms. However, be specific with who you are trying to find. As for the start, it is best to hire trusted freelancers and contractors. It is essential to hire top talent who can help you managing your business the right way. Hiring freelancers with top skills will be beneficial. You have time to vet them until you are ready to hire them as a full-timer. 

Create positive work culture 

It is important to create an environment where everyone can experience something positive and encouraging throughout their career. Only this environment that can help a team to grow successfully. And this is why you need to train your hires and drive a culture of excellence. Engage them in culture and brand development that will help them to grow better while giving their best to the company. This will be beneficial for both parties.

Hire for the right abilities

There are two important matters that should be in your top list when hiring talents. They are work ethic and problem solving abilities. These two are very essentials to decide the type of talents that will be beneficial for you. During the interview, ask them questions regarding to real-world company problems and see their perspectives on how they solve the problems. And when the right people join your ship, give time for everyone to be onboard and get to know them better. Help new hires to engage more and build relationships across organization better. Don’t forget to delegate and teach them leaderships as they grow. 

The Hidden Cost of Buying Villas for Sale in Bali: A Must Know

The Hidden Cost of Buying Villas for Sale in Bali- A Must Know

Who want to have a vacation home in Bali? Not only that you can own it for your private holiday in the island, but you can also turn it as a source of income. Especially in Bali, where tourism blooms and holiday accommodation is a lucrative business. It’s not difficult to find good lands or holiday villas for sale in Bali — but buying it is another game. Not only that you need to deal with Indonesian law of land and property ownership for foreign investors, you also need to know the hidden costs of buying property in Bali. 

The Cost of Inspections

When you purchase any Bali villas for sale, you will need a thorough inspections. You’ll want to know anything that needs repairs and any other problems in the house. That is another cost. 

We recommend conducting a professional home inspection, just like you would for your primary house, to check the condition of the Bali villas and negotiate any needed repairs. This can cost as little as $200 on a smaller property and as much as $500 on a bigger one. You, as the buyer, will be responsible for this expense.

You may also choose to have extra, more detailed inspections done at your agent’s or the general house inspector’s recommendation. Termite/pest inspections, structural inspections, property surveys, and radon inspections are just a few examples. Each of these comes with an additional fee but can save you thousands — if not tens of thousands — of dollars if something new turns up.

Property Agent & Realtor Cost to Purchase Bali Villas for Sale

Property Agent & Realtor Cost to Purchase Bali Villas for Sale

In terms of comprehending the local processes and legal environment, purchasing a property in Bali might be challenging. Do not attempt to navigate it on your own. You’ll want an experienced realtor on your side to help you navigate the process. This will cost money, but if you avoid typical mistakes and problems, it might save you a lot of money in the long run. Get suggestions for agents from people in the area, and make sure they have expertise selling to foreigners.

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Taxes and Fees

Buying a real estate is never cheap, and the expenditures in Bali are higher than in many other places. There are at least three things you need to pay:

  • Fees for agency/agents:  5%, paid by either the selling or the buyer
  • The cost of a land deed: 1%.
  • Transfer tax for payments: 5% 

The Cost of Notary for Purchasing Bali Villas for Sale

Foreigners interested in purchasing land in Bali should conduct thorough due diligence to ensure that the purchase is legal and free of complications. Using the services of a reputable Public Notary is one example. In relation with property transaction and land acquisition, a notary will do the work of processing the transfers of land titles, and legalizing plus certifying the civil and commercial agreements, such as property leases. 

  • The fees for notaries and lawyers range from 0.5% to 1.5% from the property price
  • The fees for public registration are 0.2 percent of the total.

Some agency, like Kibarer, provide notary and lawyer service when you buy Bali villas for sale with their service. This could free you from finding a good notary that follow proper legal process during the transactions. 

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Insurance for Your Bali Real Estate 

Nobody can anticipate the future, but you can prepare yourself to deal with the unexpected. So, in a nutshell, yes, you should insure your newly bought Bali villas. Because Indonesia is located on the “Ring of Fire,” you should be aware of the dangers of earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. If you just want to protect your family’s home or business investment, you should check into insurance policies, which often cover things like fire, lightning, wind, hail, liability, and personal injury. If you rent out your home, you should consider getting landlord insurance to cover unforeseen losses to furniture, appliances, and other valuables.