Knowing Neighborhood’s Crime Rate before Buying a Property

When you decide to invest in a property especially for residential one, safety is one of things you should put on your checklist. Buying a property or like a house for a family to live in means you need to means consider many things such as security, proximity, convenience, and many more. In the matter of security, it is important to investigate first about the neighborhood’s crime rate before you decide to buy a property. Nobody wants to live in a neighborhood where the crime rate is pretty high. Everyone expect for safety and comfort when it comes to a home to live in.

Knowing Neighborhood’s Crime Rate before Buying a Property

Investigating neighborhood’s crime rate before investing

Robbery, theft, trespasser, and many other types of crime are things that everyone want to avoid. Knowing how safe your local area is before investing is necessary whether you are going to pick a single-family house or second investment property. Here are reasons why knowing the neighborhood’s crime rate is important in searching property to invest in:

  • Regardless of what kind of property you are going to buy, knowing the crime rate of its neighborhood is necessary because it is not only to ensure your safety but also the overall matter including your family and the people who are going to occupy the property in the future. It may seem a hassle to investigate or do some research about the crime rate before buying a property. However, you can research the most recent crime statistics for the area. You can even access the data online.
  • You need to keep your belonging safe whether it is the property or the things inside. That’s why you need to make sure that the neighborhood of the property you are going to buy has lower crime rate. If you are unsure about the data you gain online, you can pay a visit to the neighborhood. Physical visit may ensure you better because then you can actually analyze the surrounding of the neighborhood. It is recommended to pay a visit both during weekdays or weekends so you can get more accurate perception of the neighborhood.
  • By choosing low crime rate of the neighborhood where the property you are going to buy is, you can save dollars on your contents and home insurance. Remember that crime rates of the neighborhood will be taken into account by insurance providers. It is to determine future claims. If the crime rate is high, you will automatically needs to pay more for the premium.
  • Knowing the state of the crime rate of the neighborhood, at least you will feel more relieved because then you will feel safer as well as the people who are going to occupy the property. To get better understanding about the neighborhood’s safety, you can also ask around the locals. You can pay a visit and speak to some locals casually in a coffee shop. If it is too awkward for you to do, you can ask the local real estate agent instead.

A Curated Tropical Trip with Komodo Boat Charter

The Komodo National Park is not like any conversation park you’ve been into. Comprises of more than twenty little islands and vast Flores sea in between, the park feels more like a set of tropical nirvana rather than a conservation area. Between those pieces of heaven, dozens of phinisi boat—typical Indonesian schooner—are busy going back and forth, taking passengers to explore the best of Komodo. There are two primary options to sail around Komodo National Park. The first one is the kind of Komodo open trip boat, where you book a cabin and share the rest of the boat with other passengers. The second one is Komodo boat charter, where you book the whole boat for an extended period of time. Actually, there’s a third option. albeit less popular; a land based trip. Instead of liveaboard, this kind of trip typically use speedboat to pick you up from Labuan Bajo to the destined island.  

A Curated Tropical Trip with Komodo Boat Charter

How Rich is Komodo?

Komodo is not only about the dragons—though they were set as main identity of the park and what make it famous at the first place. The National Park, which also one of the part of New 7 Wonders of the World, is so rich with natural diversity. Sail with Komodo boat charter here and you would see how Komodo is exceedingly different with other part of Indonesia. 

In a land where rainforest usually grows, almost every little islands in Komodo were blanketed by acres of crips, golden savannah. Undulating hills leaping and sloping across the island, ringed by stretches of stark white sandy beach—which turn into rare pink in certain places. Calm waves constantly hitting the shore, the clear water blurs the boundary between the land and the ocean. Now, this is surely a recipe of tropical idyll, but behind these bliss, Komodo hides bounteous natural diversity. Aside the ancient giant monitor lizard, there are species of big bats, birds, sea critters, manta ray, pelagic, myriad species of corals, and plant life that you simply won’t find anywhere else. 

A Once In A Lifetime Splurge

Komodo boat charter is a privilege to have when you want to explore the iconic landscape and exceptional wildlife exclusively with your closest ones. This kind of boat gives you more freedom and flexibility on the sailing trip. Typically, you can design your own destination list rather than sticking with cookie-cutter itinerary that’s been prepared by the tour company. Also, it gaves more room for sudden improvisation if, say, your travelling group suddenly fall in love with the underwater landscape of certain area and decide to snorkel for 30 minutes longer than the schedule. Of course, the ultimate privacy and flexibility comes with a price tag, but it would be definitely worth it!

Property Investment Choosing Tips

Property investment sounds very appealing even today when people can find so many investment options. Nevertheless, people still have to be wise with their decision to make the property as their investment. Although it seems safe and profitable, making the right choice of property to invest will be the crucial key to make this investment work. In this circumstance, there are several aspects which must be considered when choosing a property to invest.

Property Investment Choosing Tips


At first, people need to make sure that they choose the right neighborhood for the property. One thing for sure, everyone has a specific expectation of the neighborhood for the property. Each has different pros and cons as well. Some people are looking for a property which is near to the universities. The demand is always high for this kind of property. However, they also have to be ready with high tenant turnover. People should examine the neighborhood they want for their investment in property.


People want to invest in property because they want to get the money. However, they also have to realize that when they buy a property which will be rented, for instance, it is possible that they will not make any money during the early years of ownership. That is why they need to review all the costs which can be added when buying the properties. People have to keep in mind that they have to maintain the rental properties so the maintenance costs must be included in the consideration when choosing the property investment.

Near a School

It is a wise decision to make the investment on properties which are located near a school. However, people should also realize that this choice does not always mean a lot of money income these days. It is better to check out the school first before they make any investment decision. The investment value can be affected greatly by school quality. The healthy cash flow can always be generated when the property is leased. Nevertheless, they need to make sure that they can get a good return when the property is sold.

Crime Level

Many people are very conscious about having a property but it does not mean that they want to live in the area with high crime levels. Even with the reasonable rent cost, people usually will avoid this kind of property. That is why people need to investigate the levels of crime in the area before making any property purchase. For this purpose, they can speak to the locals for instance. Visiting the local police station will also be great for knowing more about the crime levels in the area.


Every business will have a competition. Of course, there will also be competition which can be found when people are running the property business. This is the reason why they need to make research on other property listings in the same area they choose. The demand will be low in the area with many available rental properties so it will not be too profitable. It is also important to check the rental rates before making a property investment in certain areas.

Side Business Ideas for Young Adults

Having a side business is suitable for young adults who still have other activities. However, it is worth to run a side business because it can give you an additional income. It can also be a lesson for you who want to be an entrepreneur. If you are planning to start a side business, here are some ideas that you can try.

Side Business Ideas for Young Adults


Who does not love gelato? Both kids and elders love this cold dessert. So, you can take this chance and make handmade gelato as your side business. Gelato slightly looks similar to ice creams. What makes gelato different with ice creams is that gelato contains less fat than ice creams. Do not be worried about your competitors. Because handmade gelato is made by different persons, so that the taste, toppings, and other elements will also be different. Make your handmade gelato side business more unique than the others.


If there is another thing which is loved by many people besides ice creams, it should be coffee. Some people start their day with a cup of coffee. There are even some people who are addicted to this beverage. So, why do not you sell coffee as your side business? There are many side businesses that you can try related to coffee. You can open a coffee shop, be a coffee reseller, or even coffee powder suppliers or manufacturers. There are a lot of kinds of coffee, you can start from the ones that are your favorite to sell.

Reseller Or Dropshipper

This side business is one of the most popular ones among young adults. Because being a reseller or drop shipper does not need any fund. You just need to offer and sell other people’s products higher than the original price. Once you find buyers, you just have to pass the orders to the real sellers and that’s it. You can promote the products through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and many more. Or, you can promote them on online shop platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

The profits that you can get by being a reseller or drop shipper depends on the products you sell. In order to gain buyers’ trust, you have to make sure the quality of the products and improve your services. So that you will have loyal buyers.


Today, a blogger cannot be underestimated anymore. Being a blogger is not an activity to fill spare times anymore. It becomes a promising and beneficial profession for you who are creative and informative. There are many bloggers who focus on writing about fashion or product reviews, then have a lot of followers, and eventually get exclusive opportunities from famous brands. And the fee is no joke at all.

You just have to consistently write posts on your blog. Make sure all of your blog writings have a theme. For example, if you are a beauty enthusiast, you can write anything related to makeup or skincare, beauty tips, and many more. So, are you interested in having a side business?

Tips to Choose Trustworthy Property Developers

Choosing a trustworthy property developer must be done carefully. Because, as you know, a property is not a cheap investment. A lot of your money is involved in this investment. Below are several tips that you can follow to help you choose a trusted property developer. So that can purchase property or put yours on the market without having any worry.

Tips to Choose Trustworthy Property Developers

Prepare An Interview

Do not make your first meeting with the property developer as a casual conversation. Instead, act like the meeting is a job interview, where the agents of the property developer are the job seeker and you are the final decision holder. Prepare and ask them specific questions that can help you to figure out their experiences and track records as well as how they have been working so far. Talk to at least 3 agents from the property developer before you make a final decision.

Find Out the Profile

Today in this digital era, an online profile of a person can give you a lot of information about how they work. You are even possible to know their characters through their online profile. So, find out the online profile of the property developer you are going to choose. You can find it on their official website or social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Find news related to the property developer as well as their office. The most important thing is figuring out their marketing strategy and how effective their works in finding potential buyers.

Find Out the Reputation

When you are looking for a trusted property developer, the first thing you must be concerned is their reputation. If it is possible, find out their license and awards they have won too. Some famous property developers usually have their official company websites where they can inform their official office address and their outstanding agents. This can be your reference in choosing a trustworthy property developer.

Ask for References

Both property buyers or sellers are suggested to ask for references from previous clients, including their contacts. So that you will be able to contact those previous clients and ask important questions related to the property developer. Such as whether the property developer works well or not, how well they market a property, how long are the property on the market, and the most essential is, will the use the same property developer if there is the next chance?

Choose the One that Experts the Local Market

Choosing a property developer that has much knowledge is the key. Because every region has its own challenge related to property. An ideal property developer should have proven notes to sell property in the local area. They must also clearly know about the facility in the location, the environmental conditions, and also government regulations applied in the location. Because those factors will influence the property. They should be able to inform you about the local market way better than the householders or previous clients.

Those are the tips of choosing a trustworthy property developer.

Business and Investment: How to Thrive in Commercial Real Estate

One of the best investment you can make is commercial real estate. This happens because everyone needs a place to live and every year, the rent cost will raise higher. There are three things you need to take notes when it comes to investing: the terms, the deal and the return of the investment. Most of times, the prettiest property might be the bad investment you make, while the so-so real estate might rocket to the best one. If this is the case, how can you decide which real estate you will invest on? Here are some tips and tricks you can consider before you jump into the water!

Business and Investment: How to Thrive in Commercial Real Estate

1. Be A Smart Investor, Not A Careless Accumulator

The one and solemn goal of investing on a commercial real estate is to gain income out of it. When it comes to make profits, you need to be careful in selecting the real estate agents. You can see whether or not the type of real estate you are investing on becomes a trend these days. The location of the building is also important as well as the target audiences. Are your prospects from middle class or the executives? This way, you will be able to purchase a property that actually produces some profits, instead of just acquiring ones that have no potentials.

2. Repair and Adjust

Another thing which most investors tend to ignore: the fact that every property has their expire date. Over time, your building needs to be renewed and repaired. In order to upkeep the value of your commercial real estate, a repairment on several elements is a must. It can be the renewal of the rooftops, or even maintenance of the electricity. In other cases, you might have to upgrade the type of the building to fit the trend nowadays. All of this has to be planned carefully, thus make sure before you purchase a unit, they have a long-term maintenance as well as long-lasting model so it will not cost you much pennies.

3. One Type at A Time

In order to make your commercial real estate business grow faster, it will be better to select one type of investment at ta time and focus on it. You may choose one of these: apartment, office, SOHO, land, or even retail. Of course it is good if you want to expand, but do it within the same intervals. Each type has their own distinctive needs and your undivided attention. For example, if you want to build an empire based on land selling only, you need to consider its environment. Whether or not the city where your land is located will soon grow into an industrial city, or it will remain as a dead countryside.If it comes to apartment with busy workers as the target audience, you might want to buy one that is in the heart of town, where it has many access which allows your customer to go on mobile freely. It is better to master one type of investment at a time and earn much money from it rather than having sporadic investments but unproductive.

Business Cheats: 3 Essential Tips to Build Your Real Estate Empire

These days, business and property becomes a trend. It is a place where you can dig in many dollars for. However, starting a real estate business is not easy at all. It requires a cold call with creative minds to lead in this industry. Studies show that over 80% of real estate agents has to close down after five years of deal.Here are the top 3 essential tips to build your real estate empire!

Business Cheats: 3 Essential Tips to Build Your Real Estate Empire

1. See the Big Picture

Many people jump in real estate business because they like the idea of being self employed. If you want to be the big boss, then you also have to plan like a boss. Whether you are a solo agent or a joint venture, you need to have the big picture. It is okay to opt for small scale at the beginning, but your dreams have to be huge, wherein you have to outperform the average other real estate agents out there. Set out your goals as well as your innovative personal plans. What time do you want to go to work and finish? How much income you want to get every week? Once it is set, you can calculate how much profits and commissions you have to achieve along with how many real estate assets you need to sell. 

2. Be Bold and Craft Your Business Plan

After you set your goals, the next most important thing you need to do is to jot down a whole real estate business plan. You may observe another agent in your area, and think of a new invention that make you distinctive than the rest of agents. What is your business identity and how does it make a meaningful difference to the prospects? You might also give it a good thought about the values and principles which drive your real estate business.

Not only that, you need also select business partners, the people who will help you in running business. Even if you only want to look for a virtual assistant to handle the website, it will be a critical task, because choosing the lineups for your proper brokerage and admins to build the database will determine whether or not they are going to be productive. This is quite the same to your marketing plans as well as the officers. You need to consider many things carefully, such as the market trends and marketing approaches, so your sale rates will raise every month.

3. Survive during the Executions

When it comes to real estate business, the most important thing is to survive. Many common businessmen do not calculate things wisely that they face crisis and deficits. Despite working on teams, train yourself to be able to survive as a solo agent, in which you need to maximize the ROI for every decision. In order to smoothen it up, try to avoid making mistakes that cost a lot of money. Build a reliable website, so the target audiences will be convinced to buy from you since they will first look it up online. Not only that, you have to prospect continuously. Do not be easily satisfied and slack off just because you have reached your target for this month. While the demand is on rise, sell as much as you can, because a  real estate business can be seasonal.