Should You Learn A Language Before Travel?


Travelling is such a valuable activity since it can broaden your horizon and open your eyes to many more things in the world. Travelling to a totally different place from your country is also a great opportunity you should take. You will get to learn more about the diversity of culture, meet new people, and visit new places that have different beauty than what your country has. Of course, travelling to foreign country has its own challenge and one of the biggest of it is language barrier. English can only take you so much though. What if you learn a language of a place you are about to visit?

Learning a language before visiting foreign land

Many travelers thought that their basic English can take them everywhere since it is a universal language. However, there are more places where the people don’t speak English at all for various reasons. Learning a language before visiting a foreign land is actually strongly recommended. There are so many benefits you can get, such as:

It can be a form of respect and care to show the locals

By learning and speaking the language of the locals, you show that you care for the culture you are in. It also shows that you respect them and that you are eager to learn more about their culture. There is a saying that if you talk to someone with language he understand, it goes to his head. But if you talk to someone with his own language, it goes to his heart. 

Building connection rather faster with the right person

Travel is something unpredictable regardless how prepared you have been from the beginning. You might face various challenges and hurdles along the way. But when you become conversational in local language, you get in touch with the right person at the right time. Also, you get a chance to position yourself right in the middle of the culture. For example, with your ability to converse in local language, you are able to secure a place to stay with a host family instead of booking expensive hotel room or any other accommodations. 

Developing your confidence

By being able to speak in local language, you no longer have any issue with learning the culture. Will be more confident to ask more things since the locals usually even more friendlier to tourists who can speak their language. You can swim around and explore the depths of the culture instead of merely observing from afar. 

Enhanced awareness of your surroundings

When you are bilinguals you have to switch languages pretty often which makes you a more aware person. It is a skill travelers can take advantage of because awareness is essential for your own safety when travelling. An awareness of environment allows you to blend in better with the locals. You can walk confidently from stall to stall in the market while conversing with the local sellers about the products. Chance is, it will keep you away from robbery or theft.